Mediterranean Immigrant Crisis – EU plays politics with lives

It should be obvious, even to hand wringing, breast beating, hypocritical left wing wailers and gnashers of teeth that the EU is actively encouraging mass immigration from Africa to Europe and is quite possibly involved in organising the ruthless, criminal operation.

Part of the EU agenda has always bee, to flood white European nations with millions of third world migrants in order to make the bolshy and (relatively) educated native whites a marginalized minority in their own countries, lower labour costs and throw the democratic process out of kilter.

The EU sees replacing white Europeans with unskilled, illiterate third world migrants as the best chance of having destroying political opposition to a meritocratic, totalitarian, single European superstate ruled by appointed bureaucrats from Brussels.

While this race replacement is aimed at all white European countries, at the moment the focus is predominantly on replacing the native people of Northern European countries such as the UK, Germany and the Scandinavian countries as they are the most articulate and organised and while less volatile than their Mediterranean counterparts are always going to be more formidable opponents should things deteriorate to such and extent that civil conflict breaks out.

As usual, this is why it is the UK that is at the forefront of advocating mass immigration from Africa because the UK has the most hateful elite in Europe who despise the working class people of the UK to an extent unheard of in most other countries.

The UK is the country the far-left cabal in European elite want to see fall first because London is such a major financial hub, so the UK is one of the main targets for disruption by mass immigration.

We must not fall into the trap of scapegoating the immigrants and those trying to enter our country illegally because they have been told they will be welcomed here and the government pays people a wage for doing nothing. Who would not want to live in such a rich and wonderful country.

It is our own political, business and academic elites who have declared war on us.


The West Is Always To Blame For Africa’s Troubles
It seems to us that we in the west are responsible for all of Africa’s racial, economic and it was even the ‘evil white man’ who instigated tribal wars and genocides that took place before and parts of the continent was colonised.

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The Mediterranean Boat People Crisis Is Starting To Dominate Everything.

No comment necessary (Image source)

It’s getting crazy. We have the hand – wringing, breast beating, clothes rending, wailing gnashing teeth, do gooders of the guilt addicted left saying we must do more to help immigrants get across the Mediterranean to Europe.

We have clueless politicians dithering, and we have UKIP talking sense, Cameron talking bollocks, Miliband dancing to The Mad Wee Hag’s tune already and Katie Hopkins grabbing more attention than she deserves thanks to mainstream media misreporting her comments and the idiotic left going into one of their now several times daily Two Minutes Hate sessions.

Today however, in a Daily Telegraph thread, i read a very pertinent comment that deserves wider circulation. I have no way of confirming that the author is genuine, or that the comment is factually accurate. It seems however to be borbe out by what I have seen on television and read in mainstream and alternative media relating to the current crisis.

Comment from:
Sguest, 22 April, 2015 in The Daily Telegraph.

I am a part owner of a business in Egypt that builds boats for use on the Red Sea for tourism.

In 2005 we employed a carpenter who said that he had been working in Libya building the flimsiest of wooden boats for use by people smugglers. He said that such boats were sailed to Italy where the boats and the people were abandoned. The smugglers escaped because they bribed the Italian coast guards to let them go free. (Our new employee didn’t last long because, hardly surprisingly, the standard of his work left much to be desired).

This is something that has been going on long before Qaddafi was deposed but nowadays the scale is much larger because there is so much money to be made. I have heard that the migrants have to scrape together as much as £2,000 each, at least some of which seems to come from relatives already in Europe.

I actually met a Tunisian who paid a similar amount and turned up with many others to board a boat. The boat never turned up and they all lost their money.

The smugglers are not just the ones who put these people onto boats in Libya but also the ones who enable the migrants to leave their own countries and travel overland to the Libyan coast. Many of them have to cross other countries to get to Libya. For examples, Eritreans have to cross Sudan.

The smugglers are the worst of criminals – murderers and thieves, at least, and every effort should be made to capture and punish them ruthlessly.


Those comments just about sum it up, the wailing and gnashing of teeth about how we should let the migrants into Europe are only encouraging more to put their lives into the hands of the ruthless crimilals who deal in human contraband. The hand wringing lefties are not helping poor Africans and refugees, they are killing them. Well done guys, another own goal by the wailing, gnashing teeth side.

So maybe Katy Hopkins was onto something, she did not actually say send gunboats to blow the litle craft overloaded with migrants out of the water, so the screeching lefties have no more idea than you or I what was in her mind (I suspect £ signs were somehow involved).

To talk of “sending a gunboat” is however a reference to british Foreign Policy of the Pax Brittanica era prior to World War One, called by historians Gunboat Diplomancy. Whenever the natives got restless Britain would send a few gunboats to blockade their trading ports.

Similarly we could now do the same with Libya, pending restoration of stable government there, but aresting crews and impounding boats whose business could not be proved legitimate and in the case of overloaded migrant boats, taking the passengers to safety. Simples, but as always with the left, they are too quick to hate, too slow to think. 

Europe In Crisis About The Mediterranean Boat People
The intervention in Libya by western powers France, UK and USA (the FUKUS axis) was morrally and politically wrong as well as being perhaps the most stupid example of balls out politics by an American president ever. To overthrow the leader of any nation, no matter how unpopular he is with other world leaders, is a dangerous game.

The Mediterranean Boat People Crisis – How Does Europe Deal With The Mediterranean Migrant Crisis
The numbers of migrants trying to cross from the Libya on the coast of north Africa to one of the EU’s southern nations is increasing. Europe’s impoverished southern nations can’t cope. And in the better off nations of northern Europe immigration is a toxic issue which is fuelling the rise of anti EU parties from France to Finnland in the north and Hungary in the east. What can be done?

Charities accused of exploiting ebola

A couple of days ago we posted a story on The International Red Cross charidee, whose bosses stand accused of using our donations and the grants given by government from our taxes to promote the agenda’s of globalism and cultural Marxism.

The charity sector has been rotten with corruption and self interest for decades of course. As long ago as the 1960s charities were being criticized about how much of our donations went to the cause it was intended for.

Now the charities involved in fight the West African ebola epidemic have been accused by government officials in the affected nations of priotitizing self interest,

Aid Organisations Using Ebola to Line Their Own Pockets
Just a couple of days ago The Daily Stirrer was slamming charities managers for using our money to line their own pockets. Now in a devastating attack on the charity sector, a Liberian official accuses charities of exploiiting ebola for gain.

Red Cross To Be Renamed Red Swastika?

So How Has Ebola Changed?

ebola virus
Ebola virus

Previous outbreaks of Ebola were short lived and resulted an a few hundred fatalities at worst. So what has changed for the current Ebola crisis, which has now been going on for eight months to last longer and infect far more people than previously.

This Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, instead of being a local crisis has evolved into a major emergency with significant political, social, economic, humanitarian and security dimensions.

The suffering in affected region of West Africa and fears that the disease will spread into neighbouring states and beyond and beyond demand the attention of the entire world.

As a United Nations report explains, the outbreak is now the largest the world has known. The number of confirmed cases are reported to be doubling every three weeks. There will soon be more cases in Liberia alone than in the four-decade history of the disease.

As one would expect, nobody in Washington has been eager to explain exactly what a team from US University and the Department Of Defense Biological Weapons Research dept. was doing in their experiments involving the Ebola virus down in Sierra Leone for several years before the outbreak bagan, or why the US Government holds a patent on the Ebola virus. The government of Sierra Leone has seen fit to terminate the project and close the research centre however, which must give us grounds to suspect something dodgy was going on.

Jane M. Orient, M.D. writing for The Association Of American Physicians And Surgeons used the alarming headline Ebola: False alarm, or poor man’s atomic bomb?

It is well know of course that not only the USA but Russia and China and very likely the second division military powers, Britain, France, India, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey have been trying to create a biological weapon of mass destruction for many years. The big question are did the US Government intend to release whatever mutant form of Ebola the Tulane University / DARPA team created at this time, or did it escape, and: now it is out of the box, can they get it back in.

A few weeks ago I remarked in response to American scaremongering, that we in the west, because of our healthier environment and better nutrition probably had little to worry about. If what we are dealing with is a natural mutation of the Ebola virus, that still seems to be the case. If in fact the outbreak is a genetically modified version of the virus, then who knows what we are dealing with.

The Ebola Outbreak – Natural Disaster Or Man Made Catastrophe

How the Globalists Are Raping Africa (and the Rest of the World, Too)

from Truthstream Media

In this second episode of Truthstream News, Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton expose the phony pretenses behind a massive corporate takeover in Africa – as well as other examples of Trojan Horse philanthropic aid on the international scene.

The United States just led the first ever U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, hosting figures from throughout the African continent to discuss its development. But despite typical rhetoric about lifting populations out of poverty and addressing Ebola outbreak concerns, the core of the conference was about promoting American-based multinational business in Africa.

This is particularly true of GMO-oriented agribusiness, which has been heavily pushed upon the continent in the name of increasing productivity and consolidating farms on Africa’s 60% share of the world’s arable land.

During this summit, Secretary of State John Kerry urged Africans not to create new farms, but rather to “improve” existing farms:

“Rather than convert natural areas to new farmland, a process that typically releases significant amounts of carbon pollution, we can instead concentrate our efforts on making existing farmlands more productive.”

The code words supporting biotech and export-oriented big business can hardly be missed between the lines.

President Obama quietly issued an executive order to back this effort up: “Establishing the President’s Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa”. The advisory council is to be made up of 15 corporate leaders in banking, agriculture and industry.

Read full post at Truthstream Media

What Would The Future Look Like Without The Propaganda Happy Pills
Another Humanitarian Crisis Looms In Africa

Why Does The US Government Hold A Patent On The Ebola Virus? Just Askin’

biological warfare
Should we be asking more questions about this new strain of Ebola? Anyone been watching the Channe 4 drama Utopia?

Toronto (Canada) based bio-defense firm Defyrus has announced that they will be entering into an exclusive revenue sharing deal with Leaf Biopharmaceutical, a San Diego based company, for an experimental new Ebola vaccine which at the time was not tested on humans.

Under the terms of the agreement Leaf Biopharmaceutical will take the lead in the ongoing development of ZMapp, worldwide.

Approval of Zmapp for human will be fast-tracked under US Department of Defense authority, ZMapp will then likely be distributed worldwide for the current Ebola outbreak which is likely to span the globe as announced by the Center for Disease Control earlier Friday (8/7/2014).

What is Bio-defesce you might well ask. It is a little known branch of biotech, a government funded activity tasked with maintining the ability to restore ‘bio-security’ (whatever that means) in the event of unexpected events such as outbreaks of previously unknown plague diseases.

Profit is or at least should not be) not the aim because vaccination and mass medication programmes ought to be triggered only by completely unpredictable events such as outbreaks outbreaks of diseases for which there has been no cure.

One wonders why a bio-defence company is involved in revenue sharing of an unexpected new strain of disease that was patented by the US government just before a worldwide epidemic is announced. As 4bit News reported:

It brought to mind an article I posted in The Daily Stirrer last week, most of which I am happy to admit is cribbed from the Sierra Leone Health Ministry facebook page.

What are US biowar researchers doing in the Ebola zone?

What are US biowar researchers doing in the Ebola zone? That is a question being asked around the cyberosphere as the Ebola outbreak in Africa continues to spread and alarm grows in the western nations.

The Tulane University researchers (details) and their Fort Detrick associates in the US biowarfare research community, have been operating in West Africa for some time.

What exactly have they been doing? Exactly what diagnostic tests have they been performing on citizens of Sierra Leone? Strangely the University, the Biowarfare research community and the US Department of Defence are being rather coy about answering such questions. All we have are reports that the government of Sierra Leone has recently told Tulane researchers to stop this testing?

Here’s a link to the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health page on Facebook (it’s the firt post you arrive at for July 23), and below, to save you scrolling, is the text of the message (emphasis added).

Status Update By Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Sierra Leone
Ebola outbreak update: As of today, 23rd July 2014, we have 108 cumulative number of survivors, 427 confirmed Ebola cases and 144 Ebola confirmed deaths. 65 patients are currently admitted at the Ebola treatment centers in Kenema and Kailahun.

The Ministry of Health & Sanitization and the World Health Organization have established a dedicated Ebola Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at the WHO Country Office in Freetown. The EOC is co-Directed by the Minister of Health, Ms. Miata Kargbo and the WHO Representative for Sierra Leone, Dr. Jacob Mufunda and consists of leaders and partners involved in our fight against Ebola.

The EOC will serve as the Sierra Leone National Central Command and Control Center for Outbreak Response activities and meets every day. The EOC members under the leadership of the Honourable Minister of Health and Sanitation unanimously decided at the July 22nd 2014 meeting that the following actions be effected immediately:

• That all new confirmed cases be admitted at the Treatment Center in Kailahun whiles the Ministry and its partners work on relocating the Treatment Center in Kenema out of the Kenema Government Hospital Premise to another location as requested by health workers and the people of Kenema

• The existing patients at the treatment center in Kenema continue to be cared for at that center with enhanced Infection Prevention Control and nursing care

• More health personnel be trained in Infection Prevention Control and nursing care

• Tulane University to stop Ebola testing during the current Ebola outbreak

• Center for Disease Control (CDC) to officially send their findings and recommendations from the assessment of the laboratory and treatment center in Kenema

• The Ministry of Health and Sanitation to proceed with the procurement of three vehicles currently in country for contact tracing and surveillance

The EOC wishes the general public and all partners working in the healthcare sector to know that Dr. Shiekh Umar Khan is still alive and responding to treatment contrary to social media report of his demise.

Have Tulane researchers been carrying out any experimental treatments (for example: injecting monoclonal antibodies) using citizens of the region? If so, what adverse events have occurred?

The US research program, occurring in Sierra Leone, the Republic of Guinea, and Liberia, nations which are reported to be the epicenter of the 2014 Ebola outbreak, has the announced purpose, among others, of detecting the future use of fever-viruses as bioweapons.

We have a right to ask then, is this purely defensive research? Or as we have seen in the past, is this research being covertly used to develop offensive bioweapons? For decades governments in the US, Russia, Britain, France, China and probably other nations who think they could one day be contenders, have been trying to weaponise diseases. We have encountered such things as GERM WARFARE in novels and movies, but it is less well known that experiments to create the ‘killer virus’ have actually been going on.

Researchers from Tulane University we learn have been active for several years in the African areas where Ebola is said to have broken out in 2014. These researchers are working with other institutions, one of which is USAMRIID, the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, a well-known center for biowar research, located at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

In Sierra Leone, the Tulane group has been researching new diagnostic tests for hemorrhagic fevers.

Note: Lassa Fever, Ebola, and other labels are applied to a spectrum of illness that result in hemorrhaging.

And here is a 2012 document detailing the research on haemorrhagic diseases (.pdf)

Thanks to Jon Rappoport for links to some of the source material

As usual, the secretive behaviour and lack of transparency displayed by scientists and government agencies spawns conspiracy theories. Here is one, though I have to point out there is nothing to suggest there is any substance to it. Do not take that as proof there is no substance to it, at this stage we simply do not know. My personal view is that it seems a bit daft but my opinion is worth no more than anyone else’s

Ebola Outbreak Connected To Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and George Soros

>from The Rumour Mill

At the epicentre of the current Ebola epidemic is the Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone, which houses a US a biosecurity level 2 bioweapons research lab with links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Soros Foundation.

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Big Pharma criminality
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Another Vaccine Outed As A Killer.
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Slavery Was Evil When Used By Capitalists 200 years Ago But Lefties Are Happy To benefit From It Now

Little Nicky has asked many times of those who scream and shout about the evils of the slave trade why they insist slavery is an evil only inflicted by white Europeans (especially the British) on black people when in fact slavery is still common in Africa, Asia and the Indian sub continent. none have ever answered intelligently (well they are lefties), some have predictably demonstrated how sad and ignorant they are by calling me a racist (sometimes I think it is the only word lefties know). Well here are a few truths about slavery before we go any further:


Yes, the story of that unfortunate era in modern history that was the transatlantic slave trade was only an episode in a much bigger story, a story that is still being written.

Well I don’t want to reiterate what I have said before about the hypocrisy, double standards and cognitive dissonance of those who style themselves liberal, progressive or radical. You might like to reflect on this next time you buy a chocolate bar.

Slave Children Used by Major Corporations to Make Chocolate

A Lawsuit alleging that Nestlé, ADM and Cargill benefit from child slavery in their cocoa supply chain in back in court is throwing new light on decades-old concern that the chocolate industry is built on the backs of slave children

Swiss multinational Nestlé, the largest food company on the planet—and anybody who consumes their products—has a chocolate problem.

More specifically, they have a child slavery problem.

Since the late 1990s, allegations have continually surfaced that the company benefits from slave children in its supply chain, and that slave children are used in its cocoa production in West Africa.

The allegations—including reports from UNICEF and the US State Department—brought enough attention and heat, including coverage from the BBC, that Nestlé’s CEO Bradley Alford signed an international agreement to end cocoa child labor in 2001, but by 2005 had not met the agreement’s deadline for eliminating the worst child labor offenses from the company’s supply chain.

Continue reading about slavery in modern Africa and then seeing as you lefties enjoy wallowing in guilt so much, take a look at this you evil slavers you (The human cost of your cheap clothing). And don’t try to turn it back on me, a) I’m not the one screaming about injustice and all that, and b) I pay through the nose to make sure as far as possible my trousers, shirts and guzzies are made in Europe.

Interesting: ‘Boko Haram Is A CIA Covert Operation – Wikileaks’

from African renaissance News
via News Beacon Ireland

Boko Haram Is A CIA Covert Operation – Wikileaks

Beyond what we know from the Wikileaks report, what many Nigerians do not know is that US embassy’s subversive activities in Nigeria fits into the long term US government’s well camouflaged policy of containment against Nigeria the ultimate goal of which is to eliminate Nigeria as a potential strategic rival to the US in the African continent.

by Atheling P Reginald Mavangira
published on The African Renaissance News 1 May 2014

We have already been regaled with reports provided by the Wikileaks which identified the US embassy in Nigeria as a forward operating base for wide and far reaching acts of subversion against Nigeria which include but not limited to eavesdropping on Nigerian government communication, financial espionage on leading Nigerians, support and funding of subversive groups and insurgents, sponsoring of divisive propaganda among the disparate groups of Nigeria and the use of visa blackmail to induce and coerce high ranking Nigerians into acting in favour of US interests.

But beyond what we know from the Wikileaks report, what many Nigerians do not know is that US embassy’s subversive activities in Nigeria fits into the long term US government’s well camouflaged policy of containment against Nigeria the ultimate goal of which is to eliminate Nigeria as a potential strategic rival to the US in the African continent.

Continue reading


While the world has been looking the other way, Boko Haram has been conquering Nigeria
One story that has slipped away from us recently as we have tried to bring you a fair and balanced view of the Ched Evans With Hunt, the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack, ships full of migrants abandoned in The Adriatic and the collapse of the Petrodollar amongs other catastrophe’s that have happened, are happening or are waiting to happen, has been the progress of the Boko Haram rebellion in Nigeria.

Resistance Is Futile – Sovereign Nations Will Be Assimilated

The real reason why the FUKUS axis stirred up a revolution in Ukraine?

from Russia Today:

“The West’s proposed financial aid will not solve Ukraine’s economic problems, but increase austerity, professor of political economy Jeffrey Sommers told RT.

If the self-proclaimed government in Kiev cooperates with the IMF, it will be regarded as legitimate in the West, even if its decisions are unpopular in Ukraine itself, Sommers says.”

Continue reading

World On The Brink – USA And Russia Square Up In Ukraine

Colonizing Africa

A while ago walrus asked be on a post was I advocating recolonizing Africa? I wasn’t, I was advocating non intervention (as usual) but as recolonization is inevitable, if we’re not going to stop throwing money at them perhaps we should be in their grabbing some of the goodies alongside our G8 partners – led inevitably by the Politically correct hypocrites of Obamaland.

“A landmark G8 initiative to boost agriculture and relieve poverty has been damned as a new form of colonialism after African governments agreed to change seed, land and tax laws to favour private investors over small farmers.

Ten countries made more than 200 policy commitments, including changes to laws and regulations after giant agribusinesses were granted unprecedented access to decision-makers over the past two years.

The pledges will make it easier for companies to do business in Africa through the easing of export controls and tax laws, and through governments ringfencing huge chunks of land for investment.”

Read more on G8 plan to colonize Africa.

Obama Arrives In South Africa Amid Anti USA Protests

Only two days after getting a bollocking from the President of Senegal for lecturing that nation on how they should treat homosexuals, Barack Obama, who does not understand that the colour of his skin does not buy him and leeway in Africa, arrived to be greeted by anti American protests:

from PressTV:

“‘Hundreds of people have held a demonstration in the South African executive capital Pretoria to protest against Washington’s “oppressive” policies on the eve of a visit by US President Barack Obama to the African country.

On Friday, about 1,000 trade unionists, Muslim activists and South African Communist Party members gathered just few blocks away from the Medi-Clinic Heart Hospital in Pretoria where Nelson Mandela is critically ill. The protesters marched towards the US Embassy, shouting slogans denouncing Obama’s foreign policy as “arrogant and oppressive”. They also burnt US flags.”

Not sensitive enough to pick up on the “fuck off jug ears” message behind the protests Obama then started trying to make political capital by identifying himself with the dying (some say already dead) Nelson Mandela.

What a creep The Prez Dude is, putting himself next to Nelson Mandela would make him look like an ant standing in the shadow of an elephant.

Another insurgency of bad English

Little Nicky’s foreign policy position has always been the same. Let other nations sort out their own affairs, no matter how much the west likes or dislikes the government / freedom fighters of that nation. Having reminded you of that here’s today’s item:

Emergency teams this weekend searched for two Ugandan army helicopters feared to have crashed in thick forest in Kenya while flying to Somalia to support forces fighting insurgents there, officials said.

Now the loss of the helicopters and very likely their crews is unfortunate but that is the price of war.

What concerns Little Nicky is the use of the term “insurgents.” These helicopters would have been dispatched by the African Union, the local military wing of the New World Order and the Ugandan helicopters were flying over Kenya to Somalia to fight “insurgents” who have lived in Somalia all their lives.

Similarly our troops, “the boys from the Thames and the Mersey and the Tyne” to quote Elvis Costello, who have been sent thousands of miles to Afghanistan to fight native Afghan insurgents whose families have been in Afghanistan for hundreds if not thousands of years.

The Afghans and Somalis, the people getting shot at, bombed and droned in Sudan, Yemen, Syria (whichever side they are on), Pakistan and elsewhere are not “insurgents”, nor do they wish westerners any harm. They just wish the New World Order, (EU, United Nations, NATO, IMF, African Union and every other buch of meddling bureaucrats would fuck off and leave them alone.

But what Little Nicky wants you to notice is the increasing use of Orwellian Newspeak by the New World Order, words are stood on their heads, turned inside out and stripped of meaning.

We should fight to preverve our language because when we cannot communicate we cannot fight for our freedom. An insurgent from blackburn told me that.

Sigh of Relief, Hilary Clinton Is Back In The Race.

This article was written for a very volatile American audience at Machiavelli readers might find it interesting but it is sure to stir things up at gather.

We should all be thankful Hillary Clinton’s victory in the latest Democratic primary puts he back in the race to be the party’s candidate in the U.S. Presidential election. I am no fan of Hillary, but the prospect of Barak Obama taking on the Republican cheat-machine was positively frightening. Win or lose, Obama could spell disaster.

Though the Republicans are close to an all time low poll rating thanks to the disastrous Bush presidency with its penchant for war, mismanagement of the economy, use of fear and panic to distract voters from truly important issues like climate change and the general miasma of sleaze that always surrounds governments of the right, the GOP are still potent political operators. Against such opponents it is doubtful whether a black man could win a Presidential election.

On top of that, Barak Obama is a candidate to strike fear into the hearts of civilised nations outside America while filling the enemies of civilisation with glee. He may talk of dreams and visions as fervently as any hellfire and damnation evangelical preacher, but behind that he has no policies. I have been reading the man’s utterances and we can distil his politics thus:

Healthcare: yeah well folks gotta take better care of themselves.
Employment: Its a good thing to have a job and earn your living.
Education: I’m in favbour of it.
Abortion: This is an important issue, we gotta do something.
Immigration: Them spicks don’t belong here.
Foreign Policy: You just got to take these stories about there being a world outside America with a pinch of salt.
Plans for America: I’ll be a great President, I have a dream. I’m gonna change things.

No doubt Obama’s supporters will play the race card here and accuse me of being a white supremacist; that is one of the great dangers of Barak Obama. I am merely being an even handed political commentator with the perspective of an outsider. To elect a man President because the nation has been bullied into a mass guilt trip would be the greatest folly, much of Africa does not see America’s Black community as victims of slavery but its beneficiaries. How many Americans would be happy to drink water Elephants had pissed and dumped in? How many Americans have to subsist on nothing but maize porridge for weeks on end? How many Americans live in fear of having their villages burned because the neighbouring tribe are pissed off about something?

One of the things that damages the reputation of the USA in the perception of the wider world is the attitude that solutions to the problems of America can be applied to the whole world. That is just plain wrong.

After a rigged election in Kenya there has been an outbreak of inter tribal violence. Now some of the blame for this can be laid at the door of the British, as the former colonial power we created in Africa nation states on the European model, disregarding tribal issues. Consequently the Kikuyu, the most numerous and therefore the most powerful tribe in Kenya, dominate politics. The Masai resent this and feel their interests are not given equal consideration with those of the Kikuyu. This leads to accusations of racism but not in the black / white pattern of Europe and North America, but races in the sense of tribes that count their numbers in millions. Kenya with a population of 28 million has over 100 ethnic groups which means 100 languages and cultures.

The whole of Africa is dominated by tribal cultures and many tensions exist. The continent is probably the most racist place on earth but is not recognised as such because the racism is black against black. In casting himself as the heir of Martin Luther King, Barak Obama shows his inexperience, naivety and lack of qualification for a job that requires somebody who can interface with the whole world. When Kenya, a nation four fifths the size of Texas, can host so many ethnicities, so many ancient enmities and alliances, so much potential trouble, it is inadequate to embrace Luther King’s idiotic notion of black consciousness as if it is an umbrella under which all the members of the world’s myriad dark skinned races can unite. America’s problems are not the world’s problems but without a leader clued up on foreign affairs, the world’s problems quickly become America’s problems as the past eight years have shown.

Even though campaigning has barely begun Obama has already managed to piss off Europe, China, India, Russia and a few others with his attitude that the rest of the world will just have to do what America says.

Supporters of the U.S. rabid right will rant that the American election is nothing to do with outsiders. This is wrong, while having become the world’s only superpower by default, successive American governments have sought to impose themselves on the rest of the world. Thus who becomes President is everything to do with outsiders. The state of the U.S. economy is now so precarious that somebody who can bring about rapproachment with the nations whose trust has been lost in the Bush years is an absolute necessity in The White House.

Let’s be glad then the Obama bandwagon is wobbling. Were the U.S. Democratic Party to make him their candidate it would only hand the election to a nutter like Romney or Huckabee, or worse, saddle the free world with a leaders more incompetent than George W. Bush.

Now read American ex-pat writer Lionel Shriver as she (yes, she) explains why Hillary Clinton should not be President.

None of this means a woman or a black man should be the Democratic candidate, just not this woman or black man.

They Call Us Racist? – pot, kettle etc.

Whenever an African leader starts shouting about the inherent racism of the wealthy nations it kind of sticks in my throat a bit. No sane person could deny that there is racism in Europe and America and that it must be dealt with through education and political reform.
But when a politician with the track record of Mugabe tries to blame Africa’s plight on Euro – American racism I just start to think:
and they call us racist. ‘nuff said?

The Wolf at the G8

Only a month since in high sounding language the leaders of the worlds richest nations announced their plans to “do something for Africa” and already we are getting horror stories of a humanitarian crisis in Niger. Only the naïve should be surprised. The Edinburgh G8 Conference was a sham and its promises a farrago of lies and deceptions.
America appeared to move most towards action to relieve poverty and so, with its promises of billions in aid managed to control the agenda. But how many people have analysed those promises and the outrageous conditions attached to them that ensure the west will never have to deliver.
Firstly, in order to qualify for assistance African nations have to show they are moving towards implementing western style democracy. Most of Africa’s failing nations are the direct result of attempts by the colonial powers to impose western style democracy on false and manufactured nation states. Before the west went to Africa there was no Uganda or Congo, Niger or Zimbabwe. There were tribal lands and broadly speaking the tribes respected each other’s territory, mainly because boundaries were marked by natural obstacles such as rivers, lakes and deserts. It was the same among Europe’s nations, the clues are still there. The tribe called Franks called their land France, Serbs lived in Serbia, the Hun in Hungary, The Finns in Finland and, would you believe, the Russ in Russia. That system worked well until religion came along and gave the melting pot a good stir, and yet as peoples gradually moved around they adapted to the culture of their neighbours. In Africa the colonists did not allow for adaptation, they subjugated. People with no communality of culture were lumped together, and on independence they were expected to function as a coherent political entities. Result – chaos, it could only work, indeed it would already be working had Kikuyuland, Xhoshaland, Watusia etc. been the legacy of colonial rule.
Edinburgh’s demands would only make the situation worse as given true democracy African nations would fragment, much as Iraq is doing after “liberation.”

One of the main problems for Africa is the scarcity of unpolluted water. What is G8s answer. African nations must open up their markets to American utility companies so that supply of water can be controlled by efficient, high tech operations.
The water problem for Africa is not in the cities, prosperous areas of African cities are as high tech as anywhere. The people dying of dysentery are in remote areas where a simple well drilled down to the water bearing rocks of the aquifer are all that is needed. The water is not perfect but it is vastly better than having to draw your drinking water from a source that Elephants have recently pissed in.
Free market capitalism looks at each problem as an opportunity, and if they are shown a situation that does not offer an opportunity for profit they just do not see a problem. People in Britain and the U.S. who can’t pay Utility bills can have their supply cut off. For subsistence farmer in Africa who have absolutely nothing, the supply gets cut off before it is installed. The exercise is called a feasibility study.

But surely, you ask, the promises must provide some hope, after all there was that stuff about helping African nations to develop new industries.

Yes, helping African nations develop new industries that provide cheap labour for the west’s greedy corporations. First the Africans must open up their markets to Western (American and E.U.) subsidised agricultural produce; then, and only then, they will be helped to develop new industries which will be allowed to trade with the west on conditions favourable to the west. India and China grow cotton and have developed successful clothing industries. That must not be allowed to happen in Africa as it will be detrimental to western interests. So Africa may build clothing industries that make clothes only from cloth produced and cut in western mills. Furthermore (and not it gets quite surreal) underwear made in Africa may bot be exported to the west if the elastic in the waistband is more than an inch thick. No Calvins then.
The whole of the agreement is so full of conditions like that in the small print that in essence it is nothing more than a lawyer’s trick.
“Yes, of course we want to help. We want to help ourselves to your crops, your mineral resources, your human resources…”
And so another African nation has to hold out the begging bowl.


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