Even The Guardian Now Admits Immigration Depresses Wage Levels

The growth in wages for UK workers is set to remain stagnant, running parallel with inflation at just two per cent next year. This is due to the large number of migrant workers waiting to fill vacancies, as anyone with two or more functioning brain cells was aware and even the loony left newspaper The Guardian has now admitted.

Citing data from the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) and oficial figures from the Office Of National Statistics, the paper reported that job creation will remain strong over the next year but the benefit of that is undone because of immigration. Wages for most workers will not increase in real terms due largely to the high number of migrant workers.

Although estimates suggest that up to 400,000 new jobs could be created in 2016, there is no sign of a skills shortage, thus making it more difficult for workers to demand pay increases above the rate of inflation. According to separate figures, the number of non-UK nationals in the workforce has rocketed from 986,000 in 1997 to 3.22 million now, thus making up more than 10 per cent of Britain’s workforce.

With offical numbers of immigrants put at close to 400,000 and possibly as many more people arriving in the country illegally and thus being available to take menial jobs at less than the legal minimum wage, despite the strong performance of the UK economy, the jobs situstion is worsening, as a result largely of European Union employment and open borders laws, the British people are feeling no benefit.

Over the past 12 months, three quarters of new jobs created went to non-UK nationals — 326,000, compared to 122,000 for British workers. The CIPD’s chief economist Mark Beatson said: “Our research shows that most employers remain confident about recruitment going into 2016 and most say they have a choice of suitable candidates for most positions. “With record levels of net migration into the UK increasing the supply of labour, it doesn’t look like we’re going to see a skills crunch any time soon. Our research shows pay expectations for the year ahead centred on a 2 per cent increase.”

Despite these figures, the government is unlikely to change its pro-migration stance or its ‘dark skin good, pale skin bad’ approach to border controls any time soon. In November jead – Claud Juncker, the alcoholic, Euronazi President of the EU commission said that mass immigration was “part of Europe’s future”, writing:

“Europe needs immigrants, young and committed and eager to learn, future taxpayers who will support an ageing population. Immigrants themselves have a case rooted in justice and humane values that our politicians should have the courage to make.”

In September The Guardia printed an advert from a radical pro-immigration Danish group telling more migrants to come to their country. The ad came after Denmark’s government placed its own notices in third-world newspapers warning potential migrants that welfare benefits payments to immigrants had been reduced.

Apologising for their government’s actions, the group Welcome to Refugees wrote:

“…we’re not all like [integration] minister [Inger] Støjberg and the rest of the Danish government. Many of us are bidding refugees a warm welcome. And many of us want to help those who are fleeing torture, bombs, and persecution. We do not believe that families in war-torn countries should learn that a Danish cabinet minister is planning an advertising campaign based on the ill-conceived and erroneous logic that families calculate where they may profit the most from settling as refugees.”

Two percent seems a bit optimistic at least for those of us in private sector actually making stuff type of work. I got zero last year and expect zero this year.

As we have said since The Daily Stirrer began under a different title over ten years ago, what passes for socialist politics these days is simply hatred of European ethnicity, culture and society.

The left often make the claim that we need young immigrants to look after the aging native populations. What happens when the immigrants get old will they refuse to accept a pension or go back home or will the loony left self – righteousness addicts insist on even higher levels of immigration to look after a much higher number of old people?


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