One in four Jeremy Corbyn supporters believe world is run by ‘secretive elite’

YouGov analysis of Labour supporters also finds most Mr Corbyn’s backers see America as the ‘greatest single threat to world peace’ in revealing research

And they call us conspiracy theorists …

The analysis went on to reveal that most of Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters believe America is the “greatest single threat to world peace” and one in four think a “secretive elite” controls the globe, according to pollster analysis.

Some 74 per cent of the Labour leadership front-runner’s backers would identify themselves as left-wing – around double the amount of any other candidates, according to YouGov research.

The vast majority of Mr Corbyn’s supporters also overwhelmingly back renationalising energy companies and the railway, decreasing private involvement in the NHS and redistributing wealth.

The findings come after YouGov looked into the views and beliefs of 3,777 people eligible to vote in the Labour leadership election.

It appears to confirm Mr Corbyn’s supporters are significantly to the Left of the other three candidates – but also hold views that are at odds with the population at large.

This is great news for UKIP of course. Not only does it show that the people branding Kippers ‘swivel eyed loons’ are in fact insane, swivel eyed fanatics themselves, but it also underlines the fasct that UKIP are the only party that stands for independence, personal liberty and traditional values.

And also that as I have always said, Labour are a party for lawyers, academics and self righteous elitists who despise the working class and everything to do with it.

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4 thoughts on “One in four Jeremy Corbyn supporters believe world is run by ‘secretive elite’

    1. I don’t actually remember forcing you to read my blog Alec. But you do Burnham and Cooper a small favour by revealing the mentality of the loony lefties who support Corbyn.
      You can’t put a decent argument together so instead you show us what hate filled little intestinal parasites you all are.
      And as you celebrate the fact that you will ‘never have to read my nonsense again’ that suggests you have been a regular reader in the past. So why wait until now to tell me what you think of me, you pusillanimous poltroon.


      1. Yes, I admit I have glanced st some of your bloggery in the past, but have only intervened now because both our blogs will soon no longer exist in their present form.

        As I lead an isolated life, I have yet to meet a Corbyn supporter. Some of his ideas seem a bit silly, others good. On the other hand, your personal insults do not endear me to you and I do myself speculating whether “”is in fact funded by one branch or another of the US Government.

        By the way, what do you think of Donald Trump?


      2. I’m glad to hear you’ve read my blogs Alec, though how you have formed the impression I am sympathetic to the USA is a mystery. I like Americans (my paternal grand dad was one and several lovers have been from the USA) but I’m a very harsh critic of the US government, its foreign policy and the bullying of small nations it carries out on behalf of corporate business.

        What do I think of Trump? Love his combover but as a potential candidate I think Bernie Sanders is more interesting and more likely to overturn the status quo.

        People (usually those on the left) get very confused by the fact that I can support UKIP, France’s NF, The Sweden Democrats, Syriza (although Tsipras has turned out to have feet of clay, its up to Yanis Varoufakis to save Greece now), Podemos in Spain and Five Star in Italy.

        Really it is simple, they are all oppose to the continuation of establishment politics. The Tory / Labour, Republican / Democrat , Social Democrat / Christian Democrat consensus might make politically correct noises on immigration, inequality, redistribution etc. etc. but whichever lot are in power in any particular place, the rich get richer, civil liberties are curtailed in the name of ‘security’ and the government gets bigger, more intrusive and more indebted.

        Oh and as you called me a fatuous creep what did you expect in return? Thanks?


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