MH17 prosecutor open to theory another plane shot down airliner: Der Spiegel

Oh why bother pretending, I just LOVE saying I told you so:

from Der Spiegel via Reuters

Dutch prosecutors investigating the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 believe the aircraft might have been shot down from the air but that a ground-to-air missile attack is more likely, a senior prosecutor said in a German media interview.

The Russian government has always said it has radar imagery proving the fully laden Boeing 777 was shot down by a Ukrainian military aircraft flying in its vicinity, but Western officials have never publicly accepted this scenario.

In an interview published by German newsmagazine Der Spiegel on Monday, prosecutor Fred Westerbeke said the Dutch would ask Moscow to provide the information that had led them to believe a Ukrainian aircraft was nearby.

So what happened to that ‘compelling evidence’ the Rent Boy President, Barack Hussein Obama claimed to have that proved beyond reasonable doubt that “it was Putin wot done it, he’s a Russian, what more proof do you need?”

It seems there was no compelling evidence. We are still no nearer knowing what really happened, but the fact that western governments are backing off from their position the “The Russians are the bad guys so that proves they did it,” really proves they have no evidence that would stand up in court.

I will await apologies from reality deniers, but not with bated breath because it’s likely to be a long time until the reality deniers are likely to be ready to acknowledge the reality that I’m smarter (and funnier) than them.

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