Ebola Hits France – 480 reports but no documented cases

Translated and edited from Le Parisien

Of a total of 480 “flags” for Ebola listed by the Institute for Public Health Surveillance (VS) since June in France, 17 cases were classified as “possible cases” but none of them has been positive, Dr. François Bourdillon, head of the institute said today (Thursday, 23 October, 2014).

“Of the 480 alerts, about one third involved people who had travelled from countries not so far involved the epidemic and therefore the cases were quickly excluded,” he has said during the weekly Department of health.

Out of all of these reports identified, 44% were people from Guinea, one of the three countries, Liberia and Sierra Leone, hardest hit by the epidemic.

Geographically, 40% of reports were from Ile-de-France, around 13% of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, and about 10% for each of the Pays de Loire and Midi-Pyrenees, all with “a peak in September.”

Among the suspected cases involving travelers who had visited or come from affected countries are several people who had been involved in voluntary humanitarian work for charities and health organizations operating in those countries.

When a case is “possible”, the [infection] management process is triggered, and InVS “starts before any confirmed identification of potential contacts, so as a result, if the person proves positive, we can establish isolation measures in order to cut off the chain of infection,” said Dr. Bourdillon.

Furthermore, he stressed that all caregivers of the hospice of Saint-Mande, near Paris, who had contact with the nurse repatriated to the Liberian hospital where she had been contaminated and now cured, are subject to regular monitoring.

Debeaupuis Jean, CEO of the health care supply to the [Health Ministry, ] noted that in the dozen hospitals of reference for Ebola, “twenty” negative pressure rooms were immediately operational and ready to receive patients (or suspects), adding that “the total capacity of these services can be increased if necessary.”

Ebola, which caused almost 4,900 deaths out of almost 10,000 cases since the beginning of the year, especially in West Africa, remains a “global health emergency”, according to the World Health Organization, “very concerned “at the situation in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

So as Little Nicky and The Daily Stirrer have been telling you, for those of us living in prosperous nations, having good diet and clean water to drink, there is not really much risk. The health system is quickly on top of any suspected cases.

The USA must be considered an exception to that, their Rent boy President seems determined to show solidarity with his African relatives by importing the disease to the USA.

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