No Apologies For This Sickening Video Of Brutality And Barbarism

Sorry readers, I know you don’t want to see pictures of Islamic State stoning a woman to death, but some people who look at this blog need reminding these are the same savages that not so long ago our left wing friends wanted to put in charge of Syria after a FUKUS axis invsion force had overthown the Syrian dictator Assad.

How does overthrowing an admittedly heavy handed and oppressive dictatorship only to replace it with medievalist shits who may not line up their opponents and shoot them, but only because public stonings, beheadings and torture are more fun and get the Islamist message across.

The same bloodthirsty left wing idiots were cheerleaders for the FUKUS axis in Libya that overthrew another oppressive tyrant by bombing the crap out of a small nation that had no means to defend itself.

Yesterday at The Daily Stirrer I reported on how far Libya, not a failed state with no effective government had falled into dystopian lawlessness. But as Prof. Want-War, the resident village idiot told me (and he works in a universisty so he can’t be wrong), “You can’t call the system Gadaffi ruled over order”

Well all things are relative and Libyans stufggling to exist under the rule of Gangsters and tribal militias yearn for the return of Gadaffi’s version of order. You will see why HERE

Sadly our leftie friends will never admit they were wrong, but in the deafening silence from their direction they must be experiencing some self doubt. They will be experiencing a lot more by May 2015 because between now and then the Libertarian blogosphere will have shattered the delusion that everything would be hunky dory if only Labour, the paedohile peoples’ party, the party that doesn’t give a flying fuck about ordinary while British voters, were in power. The link BTW goes to the latest Asian grooming gang scandal covered up by a Labour council.

Remember that Obama and Cameron are still providing “humanitarian” aid to these savages and arming the ones ostensibly fighting Assad even though we know the arms and supplies are finding their way to the front line in Iraq. The girl has dishonoured her family. Her own father casts the first stone – the honor code under Islam. Islam first and always above all the sharia – before family, love, humanity.

This is shocking footage understood to have been filmed in Syrian city of Hama. The Islamic cleric seen ranting at woman and accusing her of committing adultery is telling her to be ‘content and happy’ at stoning as it is ordered by Allah She pleads for her life before asking if her father could ever forgive her He responds telling her not to call him father, then orders murder to begin.

And our leftie colleagues think we should accomodate this shit in Britain. I say round them all up, accuse them of treason and dump them on St. Kilda.

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