SHOCK !!! HORROR !!! Politicians more out of touch than we thought

Yes, the headline is true folks. We all though politicians were totally out of touch with reality were living in a fantasy world where the best way to reduce debt is by borrowing more money, reducing unemployment and the attendant social problems can be achieved by bringing millions more immigrants into an already overpopulated nation with overloaded and failing public infrastructure and the best way of gaining world peace is by bombing the crap out of every third world nation that resists having the synthetic culture of globalism imposed on them.

But it’s worse that that:

Politicians are so far out of touch with the general public they might as well be a different species from a different planet. In a recent survey 86 out of 100 MPs said they thought they were trusted by their constituents – yes, 86% thought they were trusted by the electorate.

The reality is that cumulatively, opinion polls demonstrate that less than 10% of the population trust MP’s. And the politicos wonder why there is complete apathy and disengagement in the political process and people are turning to UKIP in droves because they are aware that the political esablishment, the LabLibCon only serves the elite and holds ordinary voters in contempt. In reality for decades now, when we vote, most people do so on the basis of who is least repugnant candidate / party.

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