You Don’t Have To Be a Psychopath To Become A Schoolteacher But It Helps

Parents’ fury after children are banned from going to the toilet during lessons unless they have a sick note from their doctor

‘School chiefs have been blasted by parents after banning pupils from going to the toilet during lessons – even locking the doors during class times.

Parents of pupils at Auswicz and Buchenwald Westlands School and Sittingbourne Community College in Sittingbourne, Kent, were outraged to be told by Stromtroopers schoolteachers that their children could only go to the loo during lessons if they had a note from their doctor.

The two secondary schools, both part of the Swale Academies Trust, have a grand total of 2,700 pupils between them, with 1,600 at Westlands School and 1,100 at SCC.

School authorities say the only children allowed to go to the loo during lesson times are those who hand their teacher a note from their doctor with a ‘relevant medical condition’.’

Read more and support Little Nicky’s campaign to close ALL concentration camps state schools so that children have a chance of getting a decent education.

Continue reading about the schools in Sittingbourne

4 thoughts on “You Don’t Have To Be a Psychopath To Become A Schoolteacher But It Helps

  1. I’m sorry to rant here, and I’m probably going to get a few ‘haters’ going on at me because of my views, but I do agree with this.

    ‘When I were a youngster’ … and all that … the thing is with the kids at school is that they bunk off and either smoke or take drugs while in the loo.

    Obviously, perhaps the teachers could make the lessons more enjoyable – or all look like Cameron Diaz (Bad Teacher) or Julia Roberts (Larry Crowne), then perhaps the pupils would take more of an interest and not want to leave the classroom.

    But there is a certain etiquette that the ‘kids of today’ don’t seem to get. You can train your bladder to go to the loo at certain times. And they should go to the loo at breaks, that’s what breaks are for. People don’t excuse themselves from the middle of a meeting just to go to the loo. And, as school is one way to prepare them for the business/real world they are going to (hopefully) enter into – they’re not going to be prepared if they get their wishes granted to them at all times day and night.

    Some discipline is called for, and I agree with what the school has done in this instance.


    1. We don’t get haters here, I have comments from outside on moderation (to intercept all the Christian Loboutin shoes stuff) so I filter out the ad hominems and the trolls and Marxism shills 😀

      What left me gobsmacked about the story was the bureaucratic response to a problem. Sick note my arse. Discipline is needed and a way of instilling some respect for the system. This idiotic step by the school is only going to make the staff more despised than they are now.

      My daughter’s friend who teaches but wishes she had chosen another, more fulfilling career (office cleaning or burger flipping for example) tells me that the current generation don’t ask to leave the classroom, they just get up and walk out. Rachel, on asking one kid recently “Where do you think you are going?” was told “Fuck off its none of your business.”

      And because of political correctness, the teachers are not allowed to do anything to assert their authority.


    1. Like all those Daily Mail stories about parliamentary paedophiles and Pakistani paedophile gangs in Rochdale, Rotherham, Birmingham, Sheffield, Bradford, Oxford, Blackburn, Oldham, Newcastle, Reading etc. etc. etc. were made up.

      What you seem to be trying to say is “People shouldn’t believe anything in The Daily Mail, they might learn the shocking truth about the politically correct idiots in The Labour Party.


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