Politically Correct Thinking Has Betrayed Those Most Vulnerable

I was going to write something like this myself but with my Mother’s brief rejuvination having fizzled out and her deterioration accelerating I’m very busy. So here’s a teaser and a link.

Paul Nuttall, Beitbart, London

Over the last week, I watched in disgust as the Rotherham sex scandal hit the headlines and the full horror of the abuse of 1400 girls in the town was brought to light.

As far back as 2012, I was speaking about these issues and highlighted how young, (predominantly) white girls were being abused and trafficked by organised groups of often Asian and Muslim men.

As I said then: “If their attackers had been white Christians, I suspect the social services and police would have taken a very different view.”

It isn’t hard to think back to the time when Rotherham council were responsible for taking three foster children from their foster parents simply because they were UKIP supporters.

These abuses weren’t exclusive to Rotherham, it was happening across many northern towns like Oldham, Rochdale and Blackpool. I would suggest that we haven’t even scratched the surface of the true extent of these abuses.

In the Rotherham cases, it seems that the perpetrators were allowed to carry out their crimes for so long because the Labour run council, police and social services seemed to be more concerned with hitting targets and pandering to political correctness than the safety of these young women.

What type of society do we live in when the rule of law takes a back seat to abuse and criminality for fear of being labelled in a certain way?

It almost seems like councils were intentionally keeping the public in the dark about the true extent of the abuses. Now the truth has come out they are promising “lessons will be learned” and “this will never happen again” – but don’t they always say that when these horrible stories of abuse emerge?

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Mr. Nuttall is of course deputy Leader of UKIP. Now would anyone who thinks UKIP are racist care to justify their having been an accessory to rape by promoting the kind of multicultural idiocy that forces police to ignore the very worst kind of crime, the corruption of innocence on the grounds that we must be ‘culturally sensitive’.

Because if you can’t this ‘racist’ is going to keep reminding you that you are a bunch of paedophiles all the way to election day.

The sole fault with this article for mentioning only northern towns, there are cases being investigated right now in Oxford, Reading, Bristol and Aylesbury that I know of without having done any research.

See Eamonn Holmes lose his rag with a slimy shit from the paedo pimps and ponces support group Barnardos when the charity boss proves incapable of even acknowledging they failed to act when alerted to the abuse issue YouTube video.

Social Science Degrees Make Great Leaders? More Junk Science.
We’ve had junk science on climate change, genetically modified seeds, many types of medicines and social engineering. The junkiest of junk science however is always commissioned by public service organisations and is aimed at convincing the public that our public servants are doing a good job. Fortunately the public are not as gullible as our leaders suppose.


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