Sex Gangs Operating In The Child Care System – Why Didn’t People Come Forward.

The predicable response from many politicians since the Rotherham Child Care sex scandal blew up in the faces of the smug, self serving establishment has been to feign surprise and say, “But why didn’t people come forward sooner?”

The fact is that as we saw in the Jimmy Savile scandal, people were coming forward, people were voicing suspicions and they were insulted, ridiculed and humiliated.

When The Guardian’s feminist columnist Julie Bindel wrote about the exploitation of vulnerable young girls unfortunate enough to find themselves the the child – care system, not just in Rotherham but in big towns all around the nation (because this is not a one off problem) she was subjected to something resembling a medieval witch hunt by the Politically Correct screechers.

When former Labour MP Anne Cryer raised the issue of exploitation in her west Yorkshire constituency she was silenced by party officials on the grounds that the problem was ‘racially sensitive’.

Another Labour MP, Jack Straw, spoke publicly about a problem existing in his Blackburn constituence. Straw who served in Tony Blair’s cabinet as both Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary was a bit too senior for the witch hunt treatment, as was David Blunkett, former Labour Education Secretary when he spoke of law and order problems relating to immigrant communities. It may just be coincidence that both these senior Labour figures have decided to stand down from parliament at the next election.

There is a lot more to come on this issue, it is likely to run all the way to the General Election next year and will very likely impact Conservative as well as Labour run towns and cities.

Keep following Little Nicky Machiavelli, Boggart Blog and The Daily Stirrer for the latest news, including all the stuff our leaders and the left wing luvvies in mainstream media don’t want you to know about.

There are of course ongoing investigations into grooming rings in Rochdale and Bradford. Rochdale MP Stephen Danczuk, having already blown open the Cyril Smith scandal has said this latest outrage will dwarf stories of Smith’s wrongdoing. Danczuk is becoming something of a crusader on sex crimes and the culture of cover up in public life as can be seen in this Daily Telegraph story

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