Scandal hit Rotherham ‘deleted abuse files’

rotherham sex scandalDuring the Rotherham by election campaign UKIP’s vote was boosted when left wing bigots in the social services department removed two children from a foster home because the foster parents were UKIP supporters. So according to these hypocrites its better to be getting gang raped by paedophiles than cared for by Kippers.

In a move that puts them among the contenders for lying, self serving shits of the decade, a title previously held by the lying, self serving shits of East Anglia University Climate Research Unit and their famous Climategate email scandal, but still in a league of their own un terms of complete and utter shittiness, it has emerged that the scum sucking scab lice of Rotherham Council’s controlling Labour group and the public servants they employed had deleted files in order to cover up their complicity in the blatant and systematic child abuse perpetrated under the noses of council officials.

What’s worse of course is that it is now known that senior officials and police officers helped cover up the crimes (mostly committed by Pakistani men) because they feared being accused of racism.

This is not an indictment of Pakistani men, the people involved were only a very small minority, those not willing to accept they had emigrated to a country where a girl’s sexual availability is not determined by the fact that she is out of her home alone or with only female friends.

It is however an indictment of the cancerous culture of political correctness and left wing hypocrisy and double standards that have corrupted the public sector in Britain.

from the Daily Telegraph:

‘Top ranking staff ordered raids to delete and remove case files and evidence detailing the scale of Rotherham’s child exploitation scandal, sources have revealed.

More than 10 years before the damning independent inquiry revealed sexual exploitation of 1,400 children in Rotherham a raid was carried out on the orders of senior staff to destroy evidence, it has been claimed.

In 2002 high profile personnel at Rotherham Council ordered a raid on Risky Business, Rotherham council’s specialist youth service, which offered one-to-one help and support to vulnerable teenage girls, ahead of the findings of a draft report, according to the Times.

Also read:

Rotherham sex abuse report author: ‘The utter brutality is what shocked me most’

Here are a couple of extracts quoted by Elizabeth Grice from an Interview with the report author Alexis Jay:

“The utter brutality is what shocked me most,” she says. “It is really hard to describe it – the horrible nature of the sexual acts and the brutality of the controls these girls were subjected to. There was a vast amount of truly horrific material. I was taken aback at how callous, how violent, the operations were. These were girls of 11 and 12. They were children. The violence was worst. Petrol dousing was used as a form of intimidation. Oral and anal sex were so often a means of control and punishment. It was truly frightening that people in our country could be doing that.”

“I had no idea when I started out of the true scale of child-sex offending or the brutality,” she says. “You would not be human not to be affected. I would not like it if I wasn’t. It made me all the more determined to make some kind of redress for the victims. To say: ‘I believe you.’ I understand [from conducting an investigation into child sexual exploitation (CSE) in the Western Isles] how much it means to child victims to have their story told. And to be believed.”

And (if you don’t mind using one of you five-a-month free articles from the Financial Times) UKIP has Rotherham in its sights after child sex abuse scandal

There is of course a lot more to come out on child sex in the council care system, the celebrity sex scandals have simply been a diversion. Big names like Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith are sensational and sell newspapers but the worst abusers operate under the radar, and behind the shield of left wing political correctness it seems.

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