Suppression Of News Used To Influence Scottish Referendum Vote

Now, in order to avoid being accused of trying to influence the outcome of the Scottish Referendum (because I don’t believe in telling the scots how to run their affairs any more than I approve of telling Arabs, Afghans and Ukrainians how their countries should be run) I offer for your consideration this news leaved via Oil and Gas People
I don’t know if it is true (so igore any lefties who claim that if I report it I must believe it – that only demonstrates the limited intelligence of lefties. Oil and Gas people admit they don’t know if it is true. I remind you however that the duty of a real liberal or a real anarchist is to question everything but be open to all ideas as long as there are no sensible answers. As opposed to those who hide their fascist tendencies by calling themselves ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ who believe their duty os to swallow and faithfully regirgitate every scrap of propaganda they are fed by the government machine.

Read for yourselves and make up your own minds.

Speculation is growing in the Oil Industry that there was more to the UK Prime Ministers recent secret visit to Shetland than has been released. The Facebook page of YES Highlands and Islands has released the following article that has gone viral on-line.

You may remember the Prime Minister came to visit Shetland under the tightest secrecy ever seen in Shetland last week and the national press knew nothing about it. Nor the local press.

[ … ]

Now you are all wondering why the PM made a very rushed, and hugely expensive trip to the Shetland Oils, missing his cabinet meeting, and just making it back to Glasgow for the Games.

You’re not?

Well you should be.

[ … ]

Because his haste was nothing to do with wanting to see us. He did make one tiny announcement about energy in which Scots could save £46 per annum but he could have put out a press release from No 10 about that.

[ … ]

The rig did not discover “sweet oil”, the most highly-prized stuff for turning into petroleum spirit, nor was it in shallower water than the normal 150m some of the other Clair oil is lurking at.

Nor did it find it in quantities so large that “biggest” and “world” could be used in the same sentence.

Mr Cameron did not request the oil companies keep this massive wealth hidden from the Scottish electorate until after the referendum. He would never do that. Just like Westminster didn’t before the last referendum.

Read full article at Oil And Gas People

Little Nicky and his friends at Boggart Blog will be doing more digging (or drilling) on this topic. We’ll keep you posted. But at least you now know why Cameron and Osborne have suddenly become so enthusiastic about persuading Scotland to vote “no” when dumping Scotland with its over representation in Westminster and its built in Labour majority would be almost certain to keep the Tories in power.

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