CPS Forced To Reveal Damning Report On Cyril Smith

Another great result for the blogosphere. As we bloggers are still basking in the glory of having forced the main political party leaders to accept that EU membership under the current terms and conditions is not in Britain’s best interests AND that the negligible (if any) benefits of unrestricted immigration are far outweighed by the economic and social costs (a fact admitted by senior Labour MPs Jack Straw and David Blunkett, who rather strangely were not branded racists by the leftie luvviocracy over their flirtation with reality, another great goal goes in.

Resolute campaigning by alternative news website Exaro has forced the CPS to reveal details of the damning CPS report on paedophile activities involving Cyril Smith, which was not acted upon after being presented to prosecutors in the 1970s.

from Exaronews.com (click to read more)

cyril smith

Many people are saying these crimes happened so long ago it would be almost impossible to prosecute them even were Smith alive to stand trial. This is not the point however, the culture of close ranks and cover up still exists in the corridors of power and in organisations, many in the public sector, of which we ought to be able to expect the highest standards of integrity and openness.

Until that culture is eradicated the crime of Cyril Smith, Jimmy Savile and far too many others will remain relevant.

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