Whoever told you Britain is the only country sceptical about immigration lied, OK

You have probably seen lots of lefties who work in education or public services (i.e, coccooned from reality) wailing and gashing their teeth over the attitude among the working classes to immigration and going on to wail about how racist the ignorant knuckle dragging working classes of Britain are because all other European nation are absolutely mad for immigration.

They’re lying of course. There are two things lefties absolutely hate; one is the truth, the other is people disagreeing with them.

But if you lie you will be caught, and if you can’t stand people disagreeing and so try to shout down opposing arguments (as the Warmageddonist wankers do) you are bigots and fascists. This is why I find the left funny. Every time they try to jump on their moral high horse, like comedy cowboys in an old Western they fall right off the other side.

So when they tell you Britain is the only nation in Europe where there is widespread opposition to immigration, you can be sure they’re lying.

Have these people such short memories they’ve already forgotten France voted for the Front National in European Parliament elections? Good grief, it was only a few weeks ago. And FN seem to be on course to win Presidential and Parliamentary elections too according to the latest news.

Then there’s Denmark, cuddly, politically correct Denmark:

Denmark’s immigration laws save country £6 billion

Denmark has called for stricter immigration laws after a report concluded that the country’s already stringent regime had saved the country £6 billion over the past 10 years.

Orbán on mass immigration

Mass immigration is not the solution to Europe’s demographic problems. History has proven that civilisations that are not capable of biologically preserving themselves are destined to disappear. Our civilisation, Europe is not capable of this today. However, mass immigration, which many propose as a remedy, creates tensions that only lead to more conflict and pose the threat of a political earthquake due to cultural, religious and lifestyle differences. Common sense dictates that Europe will prefer dealing with its demographic problems in the future in a natural way, by respecting and rewarding child-bearng and the family

Danish Politician Calls for tougher Rules on Muslim Immigration
Immigration from non-Western countries causes the most problems in Denmark, so there should be a difference in how the country welcomes “a Christian American or Swede and a Muslim Somali or Pakistani,” according to Inger Støjberg, political spokesperson for the liberal Venstre party, Denmark’s largest opposition party.

Expel Immigrants Who Will Not Integrate Says Austrian Party Leader

Heinz-Christian Strache, chief of the right-wing Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ), again called for separate school classes for foreigners to learn the German language.

Furthermore he said that he wanted to limit the number of foreigners in school classes. Immigrants who did not want to integrate, should be expelled, Strache said.

It was necessary to have preparation classes to learn the German language otherwise it would not be possible to follow regular lessons, he claimed.

Strache also said that the FPÖ had been proposing such measures for years, such as those which the independent expert for the panel on integration had suggested on Monday.

We reported here at Boggart Blog last year on Immigration riots in Sweden, with Muslim immigrants taking to the streets to protest that Swedens’s liberal laws were not compatible with Islamic culture. Naturally the Swedes answer was, “Nobody asked you to come here,” and the increased tensions between immigrants and Swedes has led to a rise in support for anti immigration groups

Meanwhile Italy has been swamped by illegal and undocumented arrivals from Africa and the former Yugoslav republics which is causing massive problems for the country’s health, education and welafre infrastructure and the rise of parties opposed to the EU’s open borders policy.

The idiotic lefties and posh labour voters who are trying to shame us into accepting unrealistic immigration policies know all this of course. Unfortunately they are sad losers whose self esteen depends on the good opinion of their peers. So everything they do and say is done only for the sake of appearnces. They’re losers, don’t let them con you into being a losers, “everybody” does not agree with them.

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Moroccan Youths Selling Arse, Hash On The Streets of Stockholm
At least 200 children from Morocco alone are currently roaming the streets of Stockholm, selling their bodies and committing various crimes such as drug peddling, theft, pickpocketing, shoplifting and robbery. It is known that over 11,000 illegal immigrants whose asylum applications were rejected have gone underground in Swedish cities.

No major UK political party has a coherent plan to cut immigration.
As the election creeps nearer, and latest figures show immigration has gone out of control again, it is clear UKIP is the only party willing to address the issue. The Liberal democrats would simply open the doors and dismantle all controls, while Convervative and Labour leaders mouth empty promises but are too afraid of being tagged ‘racist’ to act.

Mass Immigration Means Failing Hospitals, Schools And Overcrowded Cities
Such Nice People Live On The Left Of The Political Spectrum

One thought on “Whoever told you Britain is the only country sceptical about immigration lied, OK

  1. Agreed. Living in west London, I’ve seen the results for myself……weeks to get a doctor’s appointment, Ealing hospital jam-packed with 90% ethnic patients, massive school expansions to cope with rising numbers of immigrant children, a steady rise over the last five years of Wahhabi muslims on the high street.
    Very worrying…


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