Emperor Obama seeks To Destroy American Econimy With One Executive Order

President and Emperor Barack Obama is moving forward with a central component of his climate-change agenda, as the Environmental Protection Agency announced Monday that carbon emissions must be reduced by 30 percent at fossil-fuel-burning power plants by 2030 to fend off the devastating effects of a changing climate.

The plan is actually set to take effect next year, but EPA administrator Gina McCarthy says the administration has a “moral obligation to act”. The problem with this kind of ideological is that its proponents are agenda driven. thus they tends to “do what is right” without thinking through the practicalities.

In this case the practicalities are that the USA has become addicted to energy and even if sustainables had not proved disappointing compared to predictions of their efficiency based on mathematical models, there is no possibility that American industrial and domestic users could be served by wind and solar. Read full story: Emperor Obama To Destroy American Economy With One Executive Order

Climate change is a theory for which there is “no scientific proof at all” says the co-founder of Greenpeace

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