It Was A Big Shock To Leftie To Find A Lot Of People don’t Actually Agree With Them

Observing the reaction of lefties, mostly but not all young, to the success of UKIP in the European Parliament elections has been quite amusing, mainly because of the way there people, like former Labour Prime Ministers, hurl the word ‘bigot’ at their critics without actually stopping to think what it means.

A bigot, according to any decent dictionary, is a person who is intolerant of any point of view that differs from their own. And the lefties, mostly young as I say, are quite happy to brand as racists and bigots anybody who believes we should have tighter immigration controls or that we should actually enforce the existing immigration rules, though the lefties are wrong in both cases.

It’s ironic that the main immigration row during the election campaign was about migrants from Romania. Only a couple of years ago the self same lefties were calling the general population and government of Romania racists and bigots because of the way Roma gypsies were being persecuted there. Now British people are being persecuted for saying “We don’t wan’t to invite racists and bigots to come and live in our country.” Rich innit?

The reaction to the UKIP vote from the left is a mixture of horror and and self righteous disgust; I saw one commenter who says she is “genuinely a little disgusted to live in a country where 27% of voters voted for UKIP”. Well she is free to exploit the freedom of movement within the EU and vote with her feet by going to live in Romania, work for £30 a week and learn what real racism and bigotry are.

While the posturing of the left is comical we should try to understand the reason for their cognitive dissonance? There is an old joke that goes, “Why do teenagers only listen to other teenagers?”
“Because they are stupid.”
“Why are teenagers stupid?”
“Because they only listen to other teenagers.”

You can substitute lefties for teenagers and the joke works just as well.

So why are lefties on the internet so up themselves. The answer is, of course, the internet itself.

Finding people and media which share your political opinions and prejudices is as easy as finding a tart in a brothel. This has resulted in many young people insulating themselves from differing opinions. They scream and shout about diversity but embrace “the wisdon of the crowd” because they are not widely experienced enough to understand it is the same thing as they braying of the mob.

Thus having blinded themselves to shades of opinon, they narrow their thought range until everything is reduced to a binary. You agree with the politically correct view on immigation or you are a right wing extremists. You support same sex marriage or you are a homophobe and so on. They become Lefty drones whose social media activity offers little debate or discussion, only right-on agreement and mutual arse kissing as they agree to agree with the latest Marxist / Troskyite meme being pumped out by the media luvvieocracy.

The ability to entertain an idea without necessarily agreeing with it is the mark of an educated mind, but try sending a young Facebook friend a Daily Mail article about an important issue. It doesn’t matter if other publications with a different general political stance have drawn a similar conclusion. They’ll probably unfriend you on the spot – just because it came from the Mail, and didn’t originate from their polarised digital cocoon. Clueless CHIMPS*.

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