Libyan Legacy Of The FUKUS Axis

When Barack Obama called up the French and British leaders and reconvened the FUKUS axis that had done so much to trash Iraq (which was already in a bad state after a war and ten years of sanctions, the campaign to depose the tyrant Gaddafi went pear shaped very quickly. Coups, gangsterism and terror are the legacy of Nato’s war in Libya.

Almost immediately the FUKUS axis kicked off another campaign of regime change, this time to overthrow they dictator Assad in Syria. No bombing raids this time, Assad was best mates with Russia, Iran and China as well as presenting a more formidable opponent in Syria’s army, air force and navy. Because of this, western involvement was limited to arming and supplying rebels.

Unfortunately the rebels who had been presented as brave freedom fighters who desired only freedom and western style liberal democracy turned out to be savage, brutal, racist human organ noshers. Not good for PR.

The west could not back down however and having seen two attempts to justify military intervention vetoed by Russia and China in the United Nations Security Council, the USA staged a couple of false flag incidents involving toxic gas and sent a flotilla of warships to the eastern Mediterranean. And Russia and Iran stationed their warships off the Syrian coast, foiled a couple of American attempts to hit Assad’s strongholds with missile fire, successfully demonstrating in the process that their surface to air missiles can down a fly from a rang of fifty miles, and said “Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.”

And the face off continued for a few weeks then the American fleet saied away to be available should the planned regime change in Ukraine descend into nastiness.

And while the FUKUS axis wee failing to cover themselves in glory elsewhere, Libya was festering because it is a crap way of doing regime change to overthrow a government, no mater how nasty and replace it with criminal gangs and tribal warlords.

Here’s the latest news from Libya.

from The Guardian:
Iraq may have been a blood-drenched disaster and Afghanistan a grinding military and political failure. But Libya was supposed to have been different. Nato’s war to overthrow Colonel Gaddafi in 2011 was hailed as the liberal intervention that worked.

The western powers might have had to twist the meaning of the UN resolution about protecting civilians, the city of Sirte might have been reduced to rubble, large-scale ethnic cleansing taken place and thousands of civilians killed. But it was all in a noble cause and achieved without Nato casualties.

This wasn’t Bush and Blair, after all, but Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy. The people were free, the dictator was dead, a mooted massacre had been averted – and all this without any obvious boots on the ground. Even last year the prime minister was still claiming it had all been worthwhile, promising to stand with Libyans “every step of the way”.

But three years after Nato declared victory, Libya is lurching once again towards civil war. Over the past few days, the CIA-linked General Hiftar launched his second coup attempt in three months, supposedly to save the country from “terrorists” and Islamists. On Sunday, his forces stormed the national parliament in Tripoli, after 80 people were killed in fighting in Benghazi two days earlier.’

Continue reading:

And now with rumours that the US Government is behind the boko Haram uprising in oil and minerals rich Nigeria it looks as if once again the FUKUS axis is preparing to leave behind unfinished business as it moves on to its next target for destabilisation.

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