Forgotten war Nears End Game

It is difficult to understand how the government of the United States of America, which we in Europe have been told for most of our lives is the beacon of human rights, the guardian of liberty and individualism and the land of opportunity has over the past few decades become The Evil Empire, with a government so ruthless in pursuing its fascistic aims it makes Hitler’s Nazis, Mussolini’s Fascisti and Stalin’s Bolsheviks look positively amateurish.

Read more on Americas Forgotten War In South Sudan:
US Covert Ops: The Disintegration of South Sudan
Human Rights – A Straitjacket On Liberty.

3 thoughts on “Forgotten war Nears End Game

  1. Their IMC war machine’s surely beyond evil. One might think they’d had enough with the two mega drubbings they got in Vietnam & Iraq but no, it’s squaring up to Russia time again – they must have a f*ing death wish with this one.
    Ive always wondered what Uncle Sam’s perennial issue is with the rest of the goddam planet, they’ve got tons of space and plenty natural resources, no other country has ever or will ever threaten to invade. Maybe its the fearsome hormones in their GM fodder-fed cattle that’s keeping ’em all bonkers paranoid aggressive who knows. Step over the line into Canada and it’s another world. Strange that.


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