Britain On The brink Of Tyranny

The Justice and Security Bill, if it now on its way through Parliament will, if it becomes law, for the fist time since King Alfred The Great signed the Liber Judicialis permit judicial trials to be held in secret. It will even become illegal to report them (remember the super – injunctions a few years ago?).

The bill has already passed through all stages in the House of Commons, and goes to the House of Lords for consideration. In other words, The Justice And Security Bill that will place secrecy and surveillance above anything to do with JUSTICE is nearly home and hosed .(

The bill’s sponsor in the Commons is Justice Minister, Bilderberger and fat bastard Kenneth Clarke, who is widely believed to be on the steering committee of the highly secretive Bilderberg group. In a foreword to a consultation document, Clarke explains that the excuse forpurpose of this authoritarian withdrawal of civil rights is to enable the government to defend itself against civil claims, with claimants typically seeking significant amounts in damages, but where the facts of the case turn on highly sensitive information.

Yeah right!

Richard Cottrell, in his book ‘Gladio: NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe’ ( devotes quite a few pages to this bill. At the time Cottrell’s book was published, the fascistic law had been rejected, but he rightly predicted that it would return. He wrote then: “The Justice and Security Bill has been around for some years, since 7/7 hardly by co-incidence. It proposes that secret courts will inquire into any matters concerning individuals or events that the authorities decide they want to keep secret. This will apply in the case of the as yet unheld inquests on those blamed for 7/7. In other words it’s another fascist promotion of The Labour Party sneaked back in under the Conservatives. How many times have I told you these bell ends are just puppets and we don’t even know the names of the people who really run the government.

“It was also to apply to living accused persons who would be denied under this Orwellian draft the right to represent themselves or have their own lawyers represent them. Nor will they be allowed to know what they are accused of. In the Soviet Union this was perfectly normal. In the place of legal representation the state will appoint Special Advocates who will not be under any responsibility to represent the accused, or explain to that person of what he is accused, and nor will they be under any responsibility to offer a defence.

“The Bill was savaged by the Lords, but returned to the Commons with all the Lords’ amendments struck out. On the day of the vote on gay marriages it slipped through the vote in the select committee with the vote of one backwoods Ulsterman rushed in at the last minute. (The vote was held at the same [time] as members were in the lobbies voting on the gay marriage Bill). … This law when passed, as it will be, can then be applied to all and any offence, even as lowly as a traffic accident. Accused persons will never be told of what they are charged and of course it is very unlikely they would be found ‘not guilty.’”

As Little Nicky has warned you before, whatever political shade of government we have we will be constantly dragged closer and closer to fascism as long as the two parties controlled by the globalists maintain their hegemony. The Liberal Democrats have already sold their souls and their arses to the power elite, so those of you who tell me UKIP are a racist group, why not just admit you are sheeple who never had an intelligent though of your own but merely swallow the propaganda, or have the courage of your convictions and admit that you really think this kind of Nazi shit is just what the world needs.

but don’t expect me to save you from the death camps when you are designated a “useless eater.”

Kudos to The Tap for keeping me updated on this story

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