Russia and Ukraine closer to all-out war. US Military Industrial Complex Anticipate All Out Profit

Russia and Ukraine inched closer to war yesterday after ‘many’ pro-Moscow separatists were killed during a major military offensive by troops of the Kiev government intense fighting broke out as the army attempted to take back seized city Slaviansk

As fighting flared at several locations in the east of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin said the operation had ‘destroyed’ any hopes of peace.

The Kremlin said Kiev’s decision to deploy the army against its own people was a ‘catastrophe’ and called for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council.

Meanwhile globalist, Bilderberger and Rockefeller confidant Zbigniew Brzezinski has posted a plea on the Politico website, urgently requesting washington to call for more direct U.S. involvement in Ukraine.

“It is more than a month since the Russians annexed Crimea, and recent events have only exacerbated the crisis, with pro-Russian rebels reportedly shooting down two Ukrainian helicopters in separatist-held Slaviansk on Friday. Yet the president still hasn’t laid out a comprehensive statement of what is really at stake,” writes the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission.”

Indirectly calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a “thug,” Brzezinski says “we have an obligation to help Ukraine.” He characterizes the crisis as “the most important challenge to the international system since the end of the Cold War” and tells Obama he desperately needs to issue “a comprehensive statement of what is really at stake” and address “the American people on this issue…”

Obama needs the support of the American people on this one. There are rumblings of unrest at his administrations flagrant violations of constitutional limits and Obama’s Imperial style of governing and Americans are sick of long term involvelents in civil conflicts that even if quelled will only flare up again as soon as American troops leave. Thus he has to convince voter that Ukraine is important enough to warrant the deaths of American soldiers and that his stand deserves both national understanding and support.

He might struggle on this one and the race card does not seem to be earning him any indulgences any more.

One thought on “Russia and Ukraine closer to all-out war. US Military Industrial Complex Anticipate All Out Profit

  1. Seems to me the bottom line here is Europe and US especially treating the motley crew of power-grabbers in Kiev as if they’re already the democratically elected government of all of Ukraine when at the same time they’re using the Right Sector thugs to do their dirty work in the east.
    RT, as we’ve discussed, provides a refreshingly alternative viewpoint. Probably not without its own bias – but Jesus H. Christ it has some f*king way to go match the belligerent propaganda and bare-faced porkies vomited out daily by the same Sky/BBC/Fox etc hymn sheet from hell.


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