IMF Demands Ukraine Risk World War 3 in Return For Bailout Money

So how close do you think we are to World War Three?
a) We were on the brink when Putin stood by Syria but things have cooled off.
b) No worries. Liverpool don’t play Chelsea again until next season
c) Who cares so long as those racist shits Farage and Clarkson are first to get blown away.

Whichever you answered you are wrong. We are now set on a path that must inevitably lead to war and The Rent Boy President, aided and abetted by the United Nazis is determines to keep the tachometer in the red zone because the people who pull his strings need war. (What? you thought the UN was an organization dedicated to peace – name one conflict in the past 50 years they haven’t been involved in. The UN is dedicated to the profits of the military / industrial complex)

And other United nations linked bodies including the IMF are in the game too.

from Infowars
The IMF has told Kiev that if it doesn’t defend eastern areas of Ukraine against pro-Russian forces, or in other words risk going to war with Russia and starting World War 3, that a planned $17 billion dollar bailout package will have to be “redesigned”.

IMF head Christine Lagarde said that the global body would “check regularly” to see if Ukraine was keeping up with its commitments on which the loan deal is dependent. One of those commitments includes a vow to use military forces to repel Russian influence in the east of the country.

The IMF has told Kiev that the money spigot could be cut off if Kiev “loses control over (the) East of the country”.

“Which, roughly translated, appears to mean go to war with pro-Russian forces (and thus Russia itself if Putin sees his apparent countrymen in trouble) or you don’t get your money!,” Zero Hedge.

Innumerable analysts have warned that if Russia and Ukraine engage in a full blown conflict, regional and even world war could eventually ensue. The IMF is seemingly so desperate to make Ukraine another one of its loan shark client states that it is willing to risk the annihilation of billions of people to achieve such a scenario.

The fantastic “deal” that the Ukrainian people are getting in allowing the post-coup government to sell out to the IMF vampires includes a 50% hike in energy prices, a halving in pensions, crippling inflation, huge tax hikes and a freeze in the minimum wage.

Ironically, a huge chunk of that money will be used to pay Russian-owned natural gas supplier Gazprom, with whom Kiev is behind on its bills.

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