Ukrain Fixed? Actually More Broke than Before …

Oh how they sang his praises, those who could bring themselves to remove their mouths from back Obama’s cock long enough to comment.

On the strength of two weeks without any major violence or annexation moves by Russia, American talking-heads proclaimed Ukraine ‘fixed’, Russia ‘under control’, and Europe ‘recovering’ all thanks to the peacemaker and joybringer, aquatic pedestrian and turner of water into wine whose sublime intelligence and diplomatic skills had completely out manoeuvred Putin’s Russia. As usual American self belief outstripped American achievement.

The hyperbole, the singing of Kumbaya, the talk of american exceptionalism were all obliterated this morning however. Reports of the storming of various Ukrainian city government buildings outside Crimea suggest round two of the Russian push to take control of Ukraine is under way and Russia is wasting no time describing how this will be achieved.

Senator Viktor Ozerov stated that “Russia has no right to [send peacekeepers] unilaterally” to Eastern and Southern Ukraine (unless the UN agrees)… but… “Russia is interested in stability in Ukraine. At the same time, the will of the people must be documented. A referendum is the most democratic way of expressing one’s will.”

In other words, “we can’t help you Russian speakers of eastern Ukraine who would rather be people of southern Russia unless you hold a referendum and vote to become part of Russia.”

“What is happening in Donetsk, Luhansk and other eastern regions of Ukraine is logical, taking into account the policy being pursued by the Ukrainian leaders, who disregard ordinary citizens’ opinions and appoint oligarchs to govern,” Interfax reports a Kremlin spokesman as saying.

As is the Ukraine government,

“A law proposing the introduction of a state of emergency in Donetsk, Lugansk and Kharkov regions following the public disorder over the weekend has been submitted to the Rada”, a Ukrain government press release said.

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