France’s Socialist Prime Minister and entire government quit following electoral meltdown

France’s Socialist Prime Minister resigned along with his entire government today following meltdown in municipal elections across the country.

Jean-Marc Ayrault conceded that a vast swing to the right, including the fall of serveral lage cities and regional administrative centres to the Front Nationale was down to him.

‘There is no getting away from it – this vote is a defeat for the government,’ said Mr Ayrault. ‘I take my part of the blame.’

He handed his resignation to President Francois Hollande, whose two years in power so far have seen him become the most unpopular head of state in recent French history.’ … Reuters

If this trend is repeated across europe the European Parliament elections are going to be fun. Meanwhile it looks as if the French are not willing to wait for the rest of us:

Riot police called in as violent clashes break out across France after far-right National Front win dramatic gains in local elections

‘Fights started outside French town halls tonight as they came under the control of the far-right National Front for the first time following dramatic gains in local elections.

Exit polls suggested that the anti-immigration and anti-Europe party had roundly beaten the governing Socialists in a number of key constituencies.

‘Demonstrators are trying to get at the Front representatives and starting fights,’ said a police spokesman in Frejus, the picturesque Mediterranean town which is hugely popular with British tourists.’

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