IMF And EU Annex Ukraine

Mike St, Mark and I were having a chat yesterday about the balancing effect on the mind of watching and reading such online news channels Russia Today and Voice of Russia to balance our view of events in Ukraine.

We were only slightly ahead of the game, today Global Research ran this:

Between the Western Bloc and Russia – The BBC and CNN versus RT
Governments and major corporations control or, at least, try to manipulate public opinion and discursive processes through mass media communication. They also wage information wars through the use of mass media communication.
Continue reading at Global Reseach:
Controlling the Lens: The Media War Being Fought Over Ukraine

Later I saw “Corporateocracy, another site that is truly sceptical (i.e. doubts everything) and they were on about the EU / IMF role in the Kiev coup while our leaders point unconvincing fingers at Putin.

imf eu ukraine
Business as usual for IMF. Picture source

from Corporatocracy
“It should be obvious that the recent putsch and regime change in the Ukraine inspired and backed by the U.S. shadow government, benefits the international banksters. For the average EU resident, only further economic displacement and diminished prospects can be expected from any inclusion of Ukraine into the EU dictatorial structure. Not so, for the corporatists who expects expanded opportunities as Consortium News analyzes agricultural and energy companies recent involvement within the Ukraine.

While corporatists want to extend their monopolies, the appeal of joining the EU with privileges of travel, relocation and better employment, has a very high price tag. So what is really behind the cover that the Brussels technocrats like to provide for the heavy hand treatment, which the banksters always demand? Look to the methods of the IMF for part of the answer.

Continue reading at Corporatocracy;
IMF and EU Capture Of Ukraine

3 thoughts on “IMF And EU Annex Ukraine

  1. Great that the word’s getting out about checking out alternative media such as RT, helping the global individual gain that balanced view to see through the power-broking corporate con merchants’ halitosis-ridden media voice on Ukraine. Their tune-dancing puppets Obama, Cameron, Merkel etc – not so keen on transparency now huh. LOL
    I dare say when the meathook reality of imposed austerity fully hits the bulk of the peoples in post partition Ukraine ( eg. gas prices to soar etc ), and it dawns that a pig in a poke is being rammed down their collective necks; it’s not that hard to visualize millions of desperate poverty-stricken eyes looking longingly back eastwards…


    1. Not sure how many of the global individuals have the necessary information filtering system to balance the available info.
      Over the pond people seem to take extreme stances on everything. You can even start a war by saying you prefer Evian to Aquafina.

      Not that any sane person would choose aquafina, it’s a Pepsi brand, probably good for unblocking drians 🙂


      1. It’ll unblock drains but not a thick American then? – duhh!

        Extreme stances, hmm yes that’s what I hear. Must be true to a frightening extent then, the old addage about war being God’s way of teaching Yanks Geography. (Would be very lol if it wasn’t and isn’t such a tragedy on f*kin’ wheels outcome for millions of global innocents.)


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