More Evidence That Flight 370 Mystery Is A Hoax

There’s plenty of coverage of the missing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777, Flight 370 at Boggart Blog and in The Daily Stirrer. In keeping with the way things are being done in my little alternative media empire now, what is being offered here in Little Nicky Machiavelli is mostly extracts of content from other sites with links to the original article.

Here’s an analysis from Truth Is Scary of the inconsistencies and downright untruths in mainstream media coverage of the mysterious disappearance without trace of a Boeing 777 (a very large aircraft) on a routine commercial flight.

More Evidence That Flight 370 Mystery Is A Wild Goose Chase Hoax


Last week I wrote an article suggesting that the story surrounding the allegedly missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 could be a hoax. The reason I suggested that this was possible is because there has been so much misinformation and conflicting details about what happened along with a rabid media obsession about it. Plus, losing a Boeing 777 airplane is nearly impossible considering all the tracking technology and safeguards that are in place. Even professional pilots have been at a loss to explain what happened. Now new information has been revealed raising even more questions and increasing the possibility that the Flight 370 mystery is nothing more than a media staged hoax.

Apparently CNN’s Richard Quest met the Flight 370 co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid a couple of weeks before the news broke. A picture of Quest with Hamid was actually posted on Instagram showing that the two had indeed met. Quest was asked about this supposedly bizarre coincidence by radio host Robin Young earlier this week. During the interview, Quest plays dumb acting like he didn’t even realize he met the Flight 370 co-pilot. Then he goes on to say that he was doing a story on Malaysian Airlines for a CNN Business Traveler taping. According to him, this is why he was in Malaysia and on a Malaysian Airlines flight a few weeks before.

If this happened to a reporter from another news network it might be explained away as coincidence but the fact that this was with a CNN reporter raises a ton of questions. CNN out of all the major media networks has provided non-stop coverage of this alleged event almost 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The odds of Quest meeting both the Flight 370 co-pilot and doing a story on Malaysian Airlines based on chance alone just weeks before this news broke is astronomical. Quest was most likely meeting with Malaysian Airlines in preparation for this media driven hoax that was about to be unveiled. Hell, even the photo of the co-pilot the media has featured appears to be nothing more than a cropped version of the photo Quest is in. There’s no way to believe that all of this is just some random coincidence.

Continue reading at Truth Is Scary

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One thought on “More Evidence That Flight 370 Mystery Is A Hoax

  1. Many possibilities come to mind and almost all of them we are not supposed to talk about. Fuelled with the wrong type of fuel / breakup of airframe in the air / staged incident is described in a law in which the procedures have not been followed through / plane on loan from other airline and its reregistered / training or drill exercise for authority staff and its gone too far / never happened at all and its in a hangar or at end of a runway / details are of other flight ref MH370 and MA370 / different number local variant like 774 or 770 / forced diverting to other destination / K Lumpur is not correct airport of departure / crashed into the sea or on land of Viet or China and their notify to the airline not understood


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