A New World Disorder

from News beacon Ireland

Following serious cajoling by the US, the European Union and arm twisting by Arab governments, the Palestinians entered what was to be nine months of negotiations with Israel. The Palestinians, who had forgone demands for Israel’s compliance with previous signed agreements before starting new negotiations, were promised that this time Israel would enter into serious discussions to reach a final agreement by April 29.

After stalling for four months, Israel refused to discuss any issues but security arrangements. Negotiations were effectively over late last November when US Secretary of State John Kerry mobilised a large team, led by a former American Israel public affairs committee employee, to resuscitate it.

The looming deadline is around the corner and there is no indication that the two sides are any closer than when they started. In fact, the Israeli prime minister added two fresh conditions this week: No final deal with Palestinians unless they relinquish the rights of refugees, and an additional recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.

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This article concludes with words I think need repeating as often and as widely as possible:

” … Russia is employing the same tired “privileged” UN Security Council authority to probably annex Crimea. But only with one difference, unlike the population in Crimea who ostensibly sought Russian support, residents of East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights overwhelmingly rejected Israeli annexation.

China is employing the same “privileged” veto power in its islands dispute with Japan and to maintain its influence over Korea.

Acting on behalf of Israel, the US has turned the UN Security Council from a guardian of world peace to a club of hubris kingpins violating international law and creating a New World Disorder.”

Putin Could Win World War Three Without Firing A Shot

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