Tony Benn: Almost The Last Of His Species

Isn’t it strange how Tony Benn, demonized by the right wing papers in earlier years was by the end of his life liked and admired by almost everyone. This was despite Benn’s views not shifting an inch towards the mealy mouthed, pusillanimous poltrooonery of the senseless LabLibCon-sensus politics that rule the roost today.

What distinguished Benn, the last of the old style left wing intellectual dinosaurs was that he remained true to his principles, unlike the modern Neo – Nazi totalitarian global government left who would have us join hands and sing Kumbaya while the Rothschild dynasty and their hirelings in New York, London and Basle steal our world from us, Benn had no time for Kumbayaism and the hippyish monoculture the elite want to usher in, or for the Federal European Superstate ambitions of the unelected bureaucrats who lead the EU. He believed the European Union was anti democratic and an enemy of socialism and anybody “with eyes to see and ears to hear” must know by now he was right.

Tony Benn, née Anthony Wedgewood Benn was born into a wealthy publishing family which, one might think, would make him a natural for the elitist New Labour but in fact he hated what Blair and Mandelson did to the party. For Benn, socialism was not about theory, political science, globalism or any of that “progressive” crap which is really just a mask for the corporatism of Benito Mussolini, (which with equal accuracy we might call managerialism) it was about people.

Tony Benn might have scorned the profit motive of capitalism, or the globalising ambitions of the political and academic elites, but he understood the need of a modern society for work. And so exporting the work of millions of British and European people to low Labour cost economies, a Thatcherite policy pursued by New Labour to the delight of their billionaire buddies, was to Benn one of the greatest sins of modern corporatism.

But Tony Benn was the last of his breed, there is only one Labour rebel left now, Dennis Skinner not a left wing intellectual but the other species that struck fear into the hearts of smooth faced bureaucrats, a fire breathing working class trade unionist. Unfortunately Dennis is over 80 and while he delights in winding up the government, he is not the force he was. When Skinner is gone who will be left to defend Britain against the globalists.

Perhaps it’s time to boot out the old, failed, corrupt, self serving political establishment and start again.


5 thoughts on “Tony Benn: Almost The Last Of His Species

  1. I was sad to hear about Tony Benn. When I heard somebody say how sad they were that the last decent Labour politician had died, I reminded them of Dennis Skinner. As you say, he’s getting on a bit.

    But I hope there will be more people coming along, like those two, and that they will get things back the way we would like them to be, without all this PR claptrap and self serving expenses claiming. Hope springs eternal and all that…

    Do you think the Peoples’ Assembly thing might be a step in a better direction?


    1. Hope? you need to be careful around that stuff. Remember the great Ian Dury warned up “The hope what springs eternal springs right up your behind.”

      I don’t think there’s much wrong with the present elected assembly. If they would just abolish political parties, ban businesses from funding political campaigns and stop MPs and former MPs from holding sinecures in the EU, International Organisations and Quangos it might be rescuable.


      1. I am unsure of the meaning of being fingered in this or several other contexts.

        Is it to do with Julian Clary and the badger faced chancellor?

        Goodnight, Monday is too soon.


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