Fascist America- Told You So

Remember back in 2008 Little Nicky was telling you America was on the way to becoming a fascist police state? Little Nicky is always right (Actually this one was a bit of a no brainer, in 2008 America already was a fascist police state. But take a look at this story to see how bad things have become

“‘Standardized testing’ has become something of an obsession in the United States school system, but Florida’s mandate is under heavy fire while the state attempts to force a disabled, dying boy to complete an exam he is simply incapable of doing.

Ethan Rediske, an 11-year-old Florida boy, is expected to pass away any day now. He was born with numerous ailments, including severe brain damage and cerebral palsy. He’s also blind.

On top of these health issues, the Orlando Sentinel reports that his lungs are constantly filled with fluid these days, he’s in a morphine coma and all he can do is utter a sound every once in a while.

Despite his current condition, Florida insisted that his mother Andrea provide even more evidence that her son is incapable of taking the standardized test that’s adapted for disabled children and required by the state – as well as the US Department of Education.’”

Read more on Florida Fascism – gleefully reported by Russia Today:

When bureaucratic authoritarianism will not allow a little compassion for the dying, there is no way back to civilisation.

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