Told You So, Wind Turbines Are Shoddy, Short – life Crap

You know how they sold us wind turbines (well they didn’t sell the idea to some of us who understand the engineering, we were just called swivel eyed nut jobs and told to fuck off)An article at Billo The Wisp blog, if confirmed, will bear out those of us who told you Wind Turbines were just a scam aimed at letting the trougher fathers and father-in-laws of certain politicians keep their piggy snouts in the never ending swill of taxpayers money.

“Turbine gearbox failures apparently happen typically after 5-7 years rather than the 20 years that we are normally led to believe they last for ( . Moreover, their failure can be completely catastrophic, leading to the destruction of the whole turbine” Wind Turbines, the ghost in the gearbox – billo the wisp. )

Billo has discovered that a group of US scientists commissioned by Washington to look into the problem, have as yet failed to come up with any reason for the trubines falling short of expectations or propose any solution since they started work in 2007. Can’t see what science has to do with it myself, wouldn’t they be better employing mechanical engineers?

Imagine how you would feel if you paid £25,000 ($40,000) for a car and it’s engine failed after 30,000 miles. So why do we accept this crap just because something has an “Approved by scientists and politicians” label stuck on it.

Major Disaster Neeeded To Save The New World Order? What!

4 thoughts on “Told You So, Wind Turbines Are Shoddy, Short – life Crap

  1. Your viewers might also like to know that your average Shale Gas drilling operation has a production life of just 3 years, before the f*ing bar stewards must move on to rape another part of the British countryside …and eventually jolt us all from our slumber with earthquakes and poison our morning cuppas with chemically-adulterated flammable tap water.

    Oh joy – Still, I’m off to Fuerta Ventura next week and may well linger there.
    Til about 2020.


    1. yeah, I knew that. Not sure about quakes and Sambuca style PG Tips, there’s a lot of hysteria about that, but shale gas is no solution to our energy needs. The US gas boom is starting to falter or fall down sink holes already.
      Oh what a balls up Maggie made when she closed the coal mines. Even the deeper seams would be economically viable now had the pits remained open.

      But reopening them would cost £££squillions.


  2. Well, that’s my views on the cash-guzzling monstrosities well and truly vindicated. And I don’t even have an engineering background (unless you count converting a five-speed racing bike into a 21 speed near death-trap!)


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