Is Your Car Spying On You?

Well if it is a nine year old model maintained in near showroon condition like mine it isn’t, but …

from Russia Today:
“Modern automobiles are logging tremendous amounts of information every single second they’re being put to use, and a senior executive at the Ford Motor Company says car manufacturers have access to every last piece of it.

At the CES electronic trade show in Las Vegas this week, the global vice president for Ford’s marketing and sales division opened up about just exactly how much data is being collected by his company’s latest line of smart cars.

“We know everyone who breaks the law, we know when you’re doing it. We have GPS in your car, so we know what you’re doing,” Ford’s Jim Farley told a Vegas crowd on Wednesday, according to Business Insider reporter Jim Edwards.”

So what can we do? How about this for starters …

We can go like Cuba and all dive fifty year old cars or …

Find the GPS gadget. It will usually be underneath the car or under the bumper (aka fender) but possibly inside. They are most often small rectangular boxes. If you cannot visually locate the tracking unit installed in your car, get help from a bug-detector device. This works by detecting the radio frequency transmission coming from the GPS device and alerting you to it. They are quite expensive but good value if they save you the cost of a divorce 🙂

Get the box open and and remove the battery thus depriving the processor of its power source. This will not work on all models, some take power from the car’s battery. For most manufacturers models it is the easiest way to disable the vehicle’s GPS system.

If you can’t disable it by removing the battery, unplug and remove GPS box. If you can see how the GPS device is fixed to the vehicle it is safe to remove it. Sometimes the GPS system is attached magnetically, in which case you can just pull the device off the vehicle.


Alternatively, if you want to be able to track your car but do not want Ford, Toyota or General Motors tracking your actions, you can buy a GPS tracker defence device. These are available online from companies in the United Kingdom and Europe; can’t say if they are available in the United States.

Plug the tracker defence into your car’s 12-volt lighter receptacle.

Turn on the device. It prevents the tracking unit installed in your car from sending signals to the GPS satellite.

Thus when you are not in the car you can take the GPS blocker with you and your car will be trackable if stolen, but while you are in the car, you can block GPS. Ain’t technology wonderful?

That is general advice of course but now this is out there will soon be plenty of websites with model – specific instructions.

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