USA Talks War With Another Foreign Power

Remember the great peacemaker and joybringer, the man who promised he would succeed where King Canute failed by turning back the tide (well OK, stopping rising sea levels due to global warming – sea levels were not rising due to global warming but were and still are rising in subduction zones which is not quite the same thing) He was also the man who would unite the races of the world (in hatred of whitey) and unite the religions of the world (in hatred of Christianity.

And now he says he will tread in Mandela’s footsteps and be the first great liberator of the 21st century. Bet the people of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Burma, Syria etc. are shitting themselves.

All we hear from the great wannabe liberator is talk of war. A couple of months ago he wanted to attack Syria. Last month he wanted to attack Iran. Now we hear this:

“The U.S. needs to prepare for a potential war with China, according to a group of defense analysts at a U.S. House armed services subcommittee hearing this week.

At the hearing, the defense analysts told the U.S. House Armed Services’ Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee that the Pentagon should begin a massive arms build-up, including additional nuclear submarines, for a possible war with China.

“Chinese leaders are ambitious and they are moving toward great power status,” Seth Cropsey, a senior fellow at the D.C.-based Hudson Institute, said according to DoD Buzz. “The U.S. is not taking this possibility as seriously as it should.”

To respond to this threat, he added, the U.S. needs to develop a detailed war plan involving U.S. military assets.”

Read more at the US Military website DoD Buzz

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