Russia Responds To America’s Latest Threat

Hardly able to contain their excitement at the prospect of Ukraine joining the EUSA, the Obama administration typically jumped the gun by announcing plans to put a missile defence system in it’s new eastern European colonies.

The Russians in turn responded in typical fashion.

the finger
Picture source: Wikimedia Commons

Referring to the American threat of installing a missile defense system in Europe, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has replied that Russia would respond with nuclear weapons if it was targeted by conventional American missiles.

Rogozin’s comments came shortly after President Vladimir Putin said Russia must upgrade its weapons systems in order to counter U.S. plans to institute the EPAA missile shield in Europe, which is allegedly designed to counter Iran’s nuclear build-up by aiming lots of missiles at Russia.

Russia was “preparing a response” to the U.S. threats, Rogozin said.
“They may experiment with conventional weapons on strategic delivery platforms, but they must bear in mind, that if we are attacked, in certain circumstances we will of course respond with nuclear weapons,” he told Russian and western media.

Read more on this at Russia Today

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