New Media Site Formerly Devoted To Obama Repelled By His Choice Of Allies

At the foot of yesterday’s post I ran a link to a story in the New York Times, formerly USD Print Media’s most devoted Obama worshippers, about how the President’s new best mates, the brutal and cannibalistic Al Qaeda affilitated Syrian rebels were butchering Assad loyalists.

The NYT coverage I linked to was rather limited in scope as most of their site is behind a paywall. Here is the perspective offered by another Obama loyalist media channel, (links to disturbing video and images)The Daily Beast on the kind of people Barack Hussein Obama wants to ally the USA, Britain and other NATO powers with.

And if you are still physically attached to your Sunday lunch, why not take a look at this story of Syrian rebels carrying out a massage of inhabitants in several Syriac christian villages. A video included in this report but not yet authenticated purports to show Syrian rebels dismembering a young girl with a saw, starting while the child is alive.

If there is to be any intervention in Syria it now must surely be on the side of Assad who in the brutality league looks like Accrington Stanley playing against Manchester United or Chelsea.

Do you understand now why Little Nicky Machiavelli said we should have stood back and let Assad deal with the unrest, allowed Gaddafi to crush the libyan rebellion and let Mubarak sort out the Muslim Brotherhood inspired dissent in Egypt.

Some places are just not suited to western style democracy.

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