Russia, China On War Alert As FUKUS Axis Prepares To Attack Syria

Another world shaking story that the free world’s mainstream media chose not to tell us about even though it should have dominated newspaper headlines and broadcast news bulletins for months. It tells of how Russia and China knew of Military / Industrial / Banking New World Order office boy Obama making plans with UK and France (the FUKUS Axis Of Evil) to start World War Three back in 2011. Everything Russian and Chinese intelligence predicted then has happened …

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As FUKUS axis of evil prepares to attack Syria, Russia and China put on war alert

One thought on “Russia, China On War Alert As FUKUS Axis Prepares To Attack Syria

  1. I prefer the common ground, where Syrian Govt./Opposition + US/EU + Russian/Chinese leaders are all politically compromised therefore bent.

    However, bombing out of use Syrian Chemical WMD stockpile dumps per se is a pretty good idea. Whoever you believe is behind the recent attack… they probably got the nasties from one of those places.

    I doubt Obama has the stomach go much beyond that, going by the WH rhetoric to date.

    All this talk of “nuclear world war planned in advance” etc sounds too much like Ike on paranoid steroids for me.
    ( ..liking the Blair putdown paragraph in the Stirrer, mind. )


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