Once Again Little Nicky Has To Say I Told You So

This time we are are returning to the bizarre events surrounding the death of Ozombie bin Laden.

Ozombie you say, stepping back in amazement. Has he come back to life?

Well not to the best of my knowledge although you can never be quite sure with zombies. You see the cloaked figure you saw shot in the head as he huddled over a twelve inch portable television whom the US Government claim was the world’s most wanted man must have been a zombie. Osama Bin Laden had dies years earlier has this blog has previously reported.

At last the world is catching up with Little Nicky.

In a report headlined:
Pentagon Orders Purge of Osama Bin Laden’s Death Files from Data Bank

Global Research tells us:
“The files of the bin Laden SEAL operation had to be removed to sustain the Big Lie. Osama was allegedly killed on the orders of the US government, despite ample evidence that he was already dead at the time of the attack:

… the US government pulled off one of the most audacious stunts of the 21st century, when on May 2nd 2011 they claimed to have killed Osama bin Laden during a Navy SEAL operation in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The contemptuously sloppy story spun by the US government, parroted without question by the controlled corporate media, and obligingly swallowed by a largely gullible Western public, was dubious in the extreme. (Brit Dee, Global Research, May 03, 2012)

Who was killed? Was it Osama bin Laden or someone else?”

Read the full story:

Already I can hear people saying “Ah, you’re just a Conspiracy Theorist, Little Nicky.”

Well if you think that is the case perhaps you can explain why so many of the US Navy SEALs allegedly involved in that operation have since died in very dubious circumstances? Details are in the Global Research article.

That Ed Snowden guy has certainly put the shits up the american government. What dirty deeds, false flag operations and deceptions are going to be exposed next I wonder?


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One thought on “Once Again Little Nicky Has To Say I Told You So

  1. Sorry, but this kind of thing makes me wonder who do you want to believe: An organisation hell-bent on the destruction of democratic culture or a government hell-bent on the destruction of democratic culture?


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