Spinning The Climate

With fascist Lib Dem and Labour MPs trying to abolish free speech and press freedom to stop intelligent commentators exposing the great scam that was global warming and science tits getting more and more hysterical in their attempts to pretend that what is happening is not the exact opposite of everything they predicted, I found this interesting essay on how the deception was carried out.

Vincent Gray

Here’s an extract from his introduction:

I have spent a lifetime on scientific research. My father was a working class intellectual, eager for knowledge. He took me to all the London museums and I remember a visit to the Royal Albert Hall to see the Exhibition which celebrated the discovery of Electromagnetic Induction by
Michael Faraday. This must have been 1931 when I was 9 years old. My secondary school in London, Latymer Upper, had top scientists, as the only job those days was teaching. I won a Major scholarship to Emmanuel College Cambridge and obtained a PhD degree from war work on flame thrower and incendiary bomb fuels.

I avoided academia as I wished to help industry, and over the years I had a range of jobs with industrial research organisations working on oil, protein, plastics, fibres, paint, adhesives, building, coal and forensic science in The UK, France, Canada and New Zealand. I published well over 100 scientific papers, several patents and several Chapters on books.

After retiring from my job in New Zealand in 1987 I worked for four and a half years in China on coal slurries. The colleges, in Hangzhou,and in Kunming,where I taught English during my last year, hadexcellent libraries of science journals in English.

I became interested in the Greenhouse Effect and gave several lectures on the subject in China. In a visit back to New Zealand in 1989 I was invited to comment on the drafts of the Supplement to the First Report (published 1992) that had been circulated to my former employer from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. These comments were submitted, amongst others, by the Director, R.S Whitney. I submitted comments as a Reviewer for all of the subsequent IPCC Reports, including the Fifth
Report, which is now pending.

The IPCC is claimed by some to have provided evidence that the earth’s climate is harmed by changes in the atmospheric concentrations. of greenhouse gases. These claims are false. This report explains how dubious observations and some genuine science has been distorted and “spun” to support a global campaign to limit human emissions of certain greenhouse gases which has no scientific basis and no proven capacity to forecast future climate.

Environmental religion believes that humans are destroying the “planet” and the “environment” and it requires reasons and evidence to j
ustify this belief. The movement became influential in the late 1960s. A number of local meetings led to the first United Nations Conference on the Environment in Stockholm in 1972. Successful attempts weremade to abolish pesticides, restrict economic development in many countries from restrictive laws and in 1988, the Montreal Protocol prohibited substances that deplete the ozone layer.

In the late 1970s the environmental movement began to adopt the theory that emissions of “greenhouse gases” were destr oying the earth by causing “global warming”.

There were several scares that misfired. The “Nuclear Winter”, (Turco et al 1983), based on computer models of a nuclear war, was shown to be a hoax. There arose a “shopping list” of “Man’s Impact on the Global Environment” (Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1971) with the preparation of a “short list” that could be exploited further. The earliest success arose from the discovery of the “ozone hole” (Molina and Rowlands 1974).who claimed that halocarbons in the stratosphere were destroying ozone and thus enhancing ultraviolet radiation.

The United Nations Environment Conference in Stockholm, 1972, acted on this claim and set up the machinery to ban the use of halocarbons with the Montreal Protocol which came into force on January 1st 1989.

There followed what amounts to a shopping list of supposed human effects on the environment which could be souped up to impose restrictions on human activity (MIT 1979). Prominent amongst these was the emissions of carbon dioxide from combustion of fossil fuels . Bert Bolin, the Swedish meteorologist was behind the World Climate Research Programme is 1979 and
several conferences in Villach, Austria.

The origins of the theory that so – called green house gases enhanced global temperature, and that additions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere would cause additional warming of the climate has recently been reviewed by Gray (2013). The idea was promoted in 1895 by the …Read all

And There’s More
This Iain Dale post is worth reading for itself but have a look at the comment thread to, it isn’t long but there are plenty of links cited to articles and scientific papers that prove “the science is settled” was always a big fat lie.


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