Rogue State regime gets closer to Al Qaeda

You know how I hate doing this, but some of you insist on believing everything government and corporate public relations departments tell you. Let’s backtrack a bit.

Remember when George W Bush talked about rogue states that sponsor terror. He named Iran, Iraq, Libya and North Korea. He got it wrong, north Korea is not a terror state it’s a clown state. And Dubya missed out the biggest sponsor of terror on the planet. Well to be fair he maybe didn’t think America was while he held office. After all he did not get into as many wars as Bill Clinton or Tony Blair. And (this is being wise in hindsight I know) he did not order as many drone strikes as Obama.

And despite having dinner with members of the bin Laden family regularly he did not seek an alliance with Al Qaeda.

Some months ago Syrian rebel commanders met US intelligence officers in Jordan for a jolly old chinwag about how the war on Assad was going. Leaders of the (del>evil, jihadist murderers brave freedom fighters hoped to secure supplies of the nukes, scalar wave weapons, B52s, helicopter gunships and long poles with nails through the end modern, well maintained weapons they need to overthrow President Bashar Al Assad.

One of the commanders present at the meeting reported that all the Americans wanted to talk about was uniting the anti – Assad groups against Jabhat Al Nusra rebels, the Al Qaeda-affiliated group of anti – Assad Islamic fundamentalists. The USA was more interested in pissing off Iran than they were in helping the rebels overthrow Assad.

The rebel commander – a moderate Sunni and an influential rebel leader from Damascus who said he has met intelligence operatives from Western and Arab states, said the US officials were especially keen to obtain information about the identities of Al Nusra insurgents and the locations of their bases.

Then, by the rebel commander’s account, the discussion took an unexpected turn.

The Americans began discussing the possibility of drone strikes on Al Nusra camps inside Syria and tried to enlist the rebels to fight their fellow insurgents.

“The US intelligence officer said, ‘We can train 30 of your fighters a month, and we want you to fight Al Nusra’,” the rebel commander recalled.

Opposition forces should be uniting against Mr Al Assad’s more powerful and better-equipped army, not waging war among themselves, the rebel commander replied. The response from a senior US intelligence officer was blunt.

“I’m not going to lie to you. We’d prefer you fight Al Nusra now, and then fight Assad’s army. You should kill these Nusra people. We’ll do it if you don’t,” the rebel leader quoted the officer as saying.

So what America wants after the fall of Assad is a failed state like the ones they left behind in Libya and Iraq. Well that should be easy, if you want to reduce a nation to failed state conditions, just send Barack Hussein Obama to run it for a few years.

Now Dave is off to see Bammy soon, and if he comes back talking about supporting any American military action in Syria I say we have to take to the streets and overthrow the government. The trouble is when you look at what is availble to replace them we’re as fucked as Syria.

America’s hidden agenda in Syria


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