U S Politician says Boston bombings were the work of US Government agents.

The US government is responsible for the Boston Marathon twin bombings which killed three people and left hundreds wounded, says a US politician.

US State Republican Stella Tremblay of New Hampshire said on April 19 that the Boston Marathon twin bombings and subsequent search for suspects was a plot by the US federal government.

“The Boston Marathon was a Black Ops terrorist attack,” said Tremblay, calling the official account of the incident suspicious.

The US government has bombarded innocent people with “drones and now terrorist attacks. Sad day, but a wake up to all of us,” she added.

Read more at Press TV:Washington Planned Boston Bombings

Now I don’t have an opinion on this story other than to say it gets crazier every day. Yesterday a friend of mine a political writer for Skywords newsw agency, told me the latest insane story was that the principal of the Sandy Hook school involved in the classroom shootings last year, who was reported to have been shot dead in that tragic incident had been identified close to the scene of the Boston marathon bombs.

I looked at the pictures shown and if it wasn’t her or her identical twin it was her doppleganger.

That is not the only totally weird report to go viral on the internet. All in all it tells me that as a nation the USA has totally lost the plot.


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