Will Nestle Patent Air Next

A few days ago Little Nicky brought you news of the Nestle CEO who thinks access to water is not a human right and his company along with other fascist corporations should be able to own water sources and stiop us ordinary punter using them. Nestle are not the only multi national engaged in this kind of corporate fascism. Monsanto have of course been trying to gain control of the worlds staple food supplies for years and now have the support of The Coalition, The Labour Party, The Euronazis in Brusssels and the Uchuffingnited Nations.

Now we learn that not content with trying to own the water and control the seed stock, the corporate fascists are trying to patent nature itself. Nestle (again) are trying to take out a patent on a natural remedy that is a favourite of herbalists and an important medicine in poor areas, the fennel flower.

Again we provide you with a link to a site that lists Nestle brands so you may learn what you might want to boycott.

Big Pharma patenting nature


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