Obama, bombs and innocent civilians

Obama: ‘Any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians it is an act of terrorism.’ Exactly, so why are you still at large?

Little Nicky Machiavelli: Is that so Sidi Obama? …

X-47b Unmanned Strike Aircraft

… then why the fuck aren’t you banged up in Guantanamo bay, you hypocritical, jug eared streak of piss.

William Gladstone to the House of Commons in 1879: “Gentlemen, you may be sure that in the eyes of God the life of an Afghan herdsman is as precious as any of yours.”

2 thoughts on “Obama, bombs and innocent civilians

  1. They are impervious to having anything near a holistic view of these kind of things, simply because the Right is always right… right?

    And to criticise US foreign military operations, no matter how horrific the civilian toll may be, is to place oneself firmly on their ever-growing list of terror suspects, ripe to receive a state snoop trojan.

    That used to be called living in a dictatorship.


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