The Latest ‘Green’ Levy Is A Stealth Poll Tax

The government’s latest ‘Green Levy’ is a stealth tax on families and will increase domestic fuel bills by 8%. The ‘carbon price floor’ which comes into effect today will drive tens of thousands of families into fuel poverty, experts warn.

This new ‘green energy’ surcharge on commercial and domestic energy consumers (everybody) is designed to ensure suppliers use less gas, coal and oil – but has been described as a ‘stealth poll tax’ on individuals and businesses.

In fact it is to ensure the thieving scum who jumped on the green energy bandwagon when Labour were handing out subsidies for wind turbines and solar panels for not generating electricity will be stealing more of your money for providing no electricity in future.

Analysts say the levy on the production of electricity from fossil fuels will account for an 8 per cent rise on household bills in just two years.’ The Coalition are not prepared to be honest and denounce this crooked scheme cooked up by their predecessors because they too get donations from the fascist corporations who benefit from this legalised theft.

The Carbon Price Floor is of course an EU promotion. We must leave the EU.

Vote UKIP – or anybody except Conservative, Labour or Lib Dem.

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2 thoughts on “The Latest ‘Green’ Levy Is A Stealth Poll Tax

  1. That’s the thing about shameless unabashed greed – there’s just no end to it.
    Equally, there must be no end to our exposing their lies AS the lies they are.

    Re’ UKIP, you’re probably right.
    Farage needs to watch his back, one failed MI6 assassination attempt already..


    1. Assassination attempt? Really? I’ll have to research that.

      When Ken Loach was on Question Time a few weeks ago he said what we need is a UKIP of the left. He’s right, we need to boot out the old political elite and get rid of all these tossers with their PPE degrees who’ve never held down a job in the real world.


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