Another View Of Syria

Little Nicky took some stick for his views on Syria, not because I was a supporter of the Assad regime or a supporter of the revolutionaries because I was neither.

What upset the lefties who attacked me was that I talked some common sense in saying it was an Arab / Muslim problem and talk of military intervention to bring about regime change was just another New World Order sponsored, Obama / Cameron led excuse for war.

I was right of course, Little Nicky Machiavelli is always right. The NATO powers are now fighting a proxy war with Russia and Iran with the innocent people of Syrian caught in the middle.

This blog has always believed Assad is a brutal dictator but unlike our left wing critics, people so left wing it has to be said that they believe in totalitarianism, abolition of individual freedom and total government control of everything (Just like Hitler’s Nazis, you might say. I could not possibly comment) Little Nicky believes in letting both sides put their case.

So here is an article by an Assad supporter. How true it is I do not claim to know but I do know there has been little truth in the reporting of the Syraian conflict in western media, with the Bolshevik broadcasting Corporation among the worst culprits.

Syria: Democracy Versus Foreign Invasion by Arabi Souri Read it if you are liberal enough to allow your certainties to be challenged.

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