Euthanasia is here: Pensioner Put On The Liverpool Care Pathway Left Without Food Or Water For Six Days before Dying.

Euthanasia is here: Pensioner Put On The Liverpool Care Pathway Left Without Food Or Water For Six Days before Dying.

Bereaved daughter Susan Phillips daughter has filed a complaint against the hospital which left put her father on the barbaric ‘Liverpool Care Pathway’ without her permission.

Mrs. Phillips said her 69-year-old father Robert Goold was left to slowly deteriorate for more than a week on the controversial Liverpool Care Pathway.

Mr. Goold, who suffered from dementia, became weaker and weaker as doctors withdrew food, water and oxygen, but survived longer than they expected. Mrs Phillips told the media that after he had spent six days on the pathway and was still alive a nurse at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, offered to reverse the programme but it was too late.

Mr Goold died the following day at 5.40am, on February 25, without being able to say goodbye to his wife of 51 years because she was too traumatised.

Mrs Phillips, 50, claims doctors and nurses could not explain to her why her father had been put on the LCP because the decision had not been recorded in his notes. Addenbrooke’s said they will engineer a cover up investigate the family’s claims after an inquest has been held.

Mrs Phillips, who is a nurse, said: ‘My dad was so stressed that we were led to believe death was imminent and so we just tried to calm him down. ‘You wouldn’t treat a dog the way dad was treated, the best interests of the patient are not served by starving him to death


In December 2012 reports revealed up to 60,000 patients die on the Liverpool Care Pathway each year without giving their informed consent to the withdrawal of food, fluids and medication. A third of the families are also kept in the dark about what the ‘Pathway’ means when Nazi Health Service doctors withdraw lifesaving treatment from loved ones.

The pathway involves withdrawal of what is euphemistically described as lifesaving treatment but when we understand the term ‘lifesaving treatment’ includes food and water while the patients are kept sedated so they do not know what is going on, the treatment program takes on a different aspect.

The 60,000 figure comes from a joint study by the Marie Curie Palliative Care Institute in Liverpool and the Royal College of Physicians. It found many patients were not consulted despite being conscious when death camp officers staff decided to terminate their livesput them on the Liverpool Care Pathway.

Records from 178 hospitals also show that thousands of people on the pathway are left to die in pain because nurses do not do enough to keep them comfortable while drugs are administered. Concerns have been raised that clinical judgments are being skewed by incentives for hospitals to use the pathway.

Health trusts are rumoured to have been paid an extra £30million for putting more patients on the LCP. Critics say it is a self-fulfilling prophecy because there is no scientific method of predicting when death will come.

Norman Lamb, the care services minister, launched a review in November, saying there had been too many cases of families not being consulted.

While it is appalling that the Liverpool Care Pathway Nazi Death Camp approach to the seriously ill is going on under the noses of Coalition MPs who should be told they have six minutes to make it illegal then they will bew put on it themselves, we should remember this disgusting policy was first implemented by the National Socialist Party Of Great Britain (the party formerly know as Labour) government in the late 1990s. Socialist political groups, elitists that they are, have always been keen on Eugenics, Euthanasia, population control and suppression of free speech of course.

Little Nicky Machiavelli likes to give blame where it is due
Daily Stirrer”

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2 thoughts on “Euthanasia is here: Pensioner Put On The Liverpool Care Pathway Left Without Food Or Water For Six Days before Dying.

  1. The original purpose of the LCP was to let people die in peace and not be interfered with until the day they died even if death was imminent. The problems as described above lie with poor judgement, poor decision making and indecisiveness. If a person cannot give there consent then family should be consulted, they should be involved anyway. If you have ever seen someone die as this woman did her dad, you would be distressed. Any self respecting care professional should be distressed. Done well the LCP should allow for a peaceful and dignified death.


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