Zombie Society: What is really killing our jobs and town centres?

It is very easy to blame the internet for the decay of our town centres. As high streets and shopping malls appear to have more shops boarded up and bankrupt than are open for business, blaming the internet alone is too easy. The digital revolution must take some of the blame for stubbornly high joble
ss statistics too, but the whole picture is far more complex.

What Is Really Killing Town Centres And Jobs

Facebook boss Zukerberg Wants To Own The Internet

4 thoughts on “Zombie Society: What is really killing our jobs and town centres?

  1. That was a fascinating read. I have sold stuff on line and but prefer face to face selling at festivals and fairs. The thing I purchase most is books. We only have one bookshop (Waterstones) in town now. WHSmith and the supermarkets sell very little of use. I reckon in the years to come you will be hard pressed to find anyone who has read anything that isn’t in the top 20. I will continue to buy paper books where I can.

    Thanks for an informativ read ian.


    1. Good to see you, you don’t seem to be around much these days.

      I wonder how we will find new authors or books not heavily hyped by publishers in future. Browsing round a good bookshop used to be onle of life’s little pleasures for me.

      All Amazon’s ‘suggestions’ seem to be inferior imitations of a book from the last two or three I bought. I keep saying computers can’t think but nobody who needs to hear it is listening.


      1. I have been off line for a while, back for now until the next big thing throws me off my equilibrium 😀

        This also concerns me. I feel that even Waterstones is unable to offer much more than the most popular type of reading. There are very few gems and your eally have to trawl to find them.


      2. The old family run bookshop in our area was bought out by Waterstones years ago, now the Waterstones branch in town has gone.
        But a member of the bookselling family runs a second hand bookstall on the flea market Thursdays and Sundays.
        What next? Samizdat novels?


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