Shadow government, Big Koch and Non Interventionism

Been busy at the Daily Stirrer, stirring things. I should do more here but it’s so hard to attract traffic to these days.

Here are a few of Little Nicky’s latest efforts to stick pins in the bloated bottoms of the establishment.

The Shadow Government.
You might think our elected leaders run our nations but in reality secretive cliques exercise the real power

Big Green Versus Big Koch
As the war between scaremongering, Warmageddonist supporters of Big Green and the champions of level headed common sense and healthy scepticism becomes more and more reminiscent of the bloody civil war in Syria, The Daily Stirrer brings news of another defector from the climate science fascism camp. And this time it is a major front man of the global warming conspiracy.

Libertarianism is not Laissez Faire.
People on the left and right of the political spectrum are attacking libertarians by trying to claim non interventionist foreign policy is lazy and weak. On the contrary, laissez – faire as a foreign policy is both carefully though through to work in the national interest and for the greatest good of the greatest number. Liberal interventionism however can only make things worse for everybody.

The Daily Stirrer
Greenteeth Labyrinth

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