Why Obama Could Not Manage To Pull It Off – (oo – er missis)

Not long ago one of my Boggart Blog readers was appalled that I could believe Mitt Romney would make a less bad President of the USA than Barack Hussein Obama.

I in turn was appalled to think anyone could believe me to be so stupid as to go along with the sheeple in accepting the claims of Barack Hussein Obama’s divine status on the strength of his skin colour alone because as a man and as a politician he has shown us nothing else to recommend him.

It seems I am not alone in refusing to sign up to The Church of Negrophilia. Ed Morrisey writes in Politico:

The New York Times comments “Romney’s late-game comeback — an unexpected assertion of presidential competence in front of 67 million viewers — robbed Obama of his momentum and forced the president’s team to make a subtle yet significant change to their closing argument in the critical last two weeks of the 2012 campaign.”

“Unexpected” by whom? Team Obama? Democrats? The media? After all, they are talking about a man who was a successful governor for four years in a state where his party is a distinct minority, who successfully turned around the collapsing Salt Lake City Olympics, and who made several fortunes as an executive in business and finance. He has a much better resumé for presidential leadership than Obama did in 2008.

If the media, campaign advisers, and the candidate himself found Romney’s presidential bearing “unexpected,” that speaks to their own incompetence and not any surprise in Romney’s ability to handle the pressure — especially in relative terms to Obama’s collapse in that first debate. That incompetence at Team O has them scrambling for a Plan B now:

Instead, the pressure is now on Obama to prove himself — and oh so late in the game. That led his campaign on Tuesday to release a detailed, bullet-point plan for his second term — a formal agenda his team had long resisted despite appeals from the likes of Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and James Carville, and an army of basic-cable liberals, who said the president needed to spend less time cutting down Romney and more time elevating himself.

“Had to do it … It’s all about earning people’s votes,” emailed a Democrat close to the campaign when the plan was unveiled hours after the third and final presidential debate in Boca Raton, Fla. …

Obama officials publicly claim the plan was in the works all along and doesn’t represent a major change. But many Democrats and observers see the Tuesday messaging switch as proof Obama leaned too heavily for too long on a negative “Hit Mitt” strategy, at the expense of a sustained push to convince skeptical voters the president deserves another four years.

So Obama’s is a failed Presidency, get over it you politically correct naifs. Obama only got the gig because he’s black and that was nowhere near enough of a qualification for running the world’s most powerful economy and being Commander in Chief of the world’s most powerful military machine as we all (well those of us with eyes to see and ears to hear). I don’t much like Romney and fear that if elected he will be the Bilderberg Group’s man as Bush and Clinton were. But at least he has some real achievements to his name, Obama can boast of being a community organiser and an ice cream scooper. Oh, and of being black of course, but being black never qualified anyone for anything. And yet there were many who insisted before he had even taken office that Obama’s race made him America’s greatest President ever, the peacemaker, the conciliator, the H2O pedestrian.

Sorry guys but Little Nicky told you the only way Bammy would pull it off was in the sense of a Graham Norton double entendre. And Little Nicky is never wrong.

Obama campaign breaking US electoral law again … and again not being challenged (well that would be racist wouldn’t it?)

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