Making people equal by force.

As we approach the end of another bad week for common sense, in which we have seen a consrvative Prime Minister align himself with various identity politics groups instead of thinking about the nation as a whole, when we have seen equal rights campaigners demanding that in the name of equality certain minorities be treated as members of privileged elites and when we have seen further politicisation of the courts, the police, the civil service and the education system in the name of “equality” I was reminded of these words from F. A. Hayek.

“There is all the difference in the world between treating people equally and attempting to make them equal.”

6 thoughts on “Making people equal by force.

  1. Hayek was Margaret Thatcher’s favourite economic adviser. We cannot really blame him for the outcome of her policies any more than we can blame Neitsche for Hitler’s atrocities of Alistair Campbell for the deaths of civilians in the Gulf war.

    Or maybe we can, so long as we blame Ed Miliband for the deaths of 10 million Russians because as a young man his father supported Stalin.


    1. Oh, I see. You have a different idea of what the word murder means from the rest of us. Or slavery, it seems.

      It is difficult to have a rational conversation with a person who decides that words mean what they want them to mean, as Alice noted when she met the Blue Queen.


  2. Workfare is unpaid work undermining the job market= Slavery.

    The ATOS deaths are directly related to the superfluous assessment which has actually cost 10x more than the money it has saved even with 10,000 deaths. Ergo the intention was never to save money but to kill: Intentional killing=murder


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