Freeman Moxy courtesy of Obama and Cameron

We used to take the piss out of George W Bush when he talked about bringing Freeman Moxy to third world nations (Little Nicky refuses to call them developing nations because the more 2development aid” we pour into them the faster they hurtle back towards primeval savagery). Strangely a lot of terminally gullible people were taken in when the even more gobsmackingly stupid President Barack Hussein Obama claimed he had brought freeman moxy to the middle east by making one of his historic, banal and vacuous speeches.

Now3 the Obama sponsored uprisings in Egypt and Libya have plunged those nations into lawless chaos as Islamic fundamentalists vie with tribal war lords and local criminal gangs for supremacy and there is just no news coming out of Tunisia. Meanwhile Syria and Yemen are still works in progress while Israel is preparing to nuke the entire region.

Undaunted by his failure however (well he’s black so that makes him incapable of failing doesn’t it?) Obama has this week been boasting to United Nations leaders (i.e. a bunch of people who can’t remember the last time they visited the real world) about how his Arab Spring initiative had brought equality and harmony to those places that are now in chaos.

Equality and harmony? Like in all join hands and sing Kumbaya? Here’s how muslims in Egypt showed their respect for a member of their religion who converted to Christianity.

An Egyptian who converted to Christianity last month

Meanwhile in another example of how things are going in the new, tolerant, inclusive Egypt, here’s an article by my friend Renee Nal (with video and still pictures that some might find upsetting) of how the new freedom and equality of an Egyptian woman who violated Sharia law.

Some people may say these stories and pictures prove Islam is a violent and oppressive religion. It is not. What is causing the violence is a widespread fear among people of the middle east that their way of life is under threat from western interference.

2 thoughts on “Freeman Moxy courtesy of Obama and Cameron

  1. I really hope they vote Romney in: Not because I like him but because he’s a far more obvious socially inept moron who will drive every one of his “allies” to break diplomatic relations until they sort that backward nation out for good.


    1. My way of looking at it is, if they have Obama as President and the best alternative they can come up with is Romney the country is so FUBAR they ought to disband the union and each state except California because they have too much debt apply to join the British Empire.

      They should never have quit, impetuous fools. It was always going to end in tears.


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