The Death Of Free Markets

Tim Worstall is a Thatcherite Conservative and a fan of free trade and globalisation. In response to an article in The Guardian about how Dairy Farmers are being squeezed by the supermarkets and broken on the wheel of EU regulations he penned a response accusing our dairy farmers of being uincompetitive and unable to face the challenges of a free market economy. All he proved is that the left don’t have a monopoly on stupid, arrogant twats.

Thatcherite conservatives in the UK and Reaganite Republicans in the USA love to talk of free markets and the utopia they create. But do free markets ever exist. What looks like a free market from above is anything but when viewed from the ground.Policies supposed to protect the efficient have been hijacked by a cartel of food retail chains. Dairy Farmers are being driven to bankruptcy because the”free market” in milk is entirely controlled by the big supermarkets.

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3 thoughts on “The Death Of Free Markets

  1. “he penned a response accusing our dairy farmers of being uincompetitive and unable to face the challenges of a free market economy.”

    Err, no, I didn’t.

    Actually I pointed out that many farmers are becoming more competitive (that’s what the rising yield of milk from each cow is about you see?). Which means that, assuming the demand for milk doesn’t rise, that we require fewer milk farmers.

    The problem is not a lack of comepetitiveness or efficiency: it’s one of rising competitiveness or efficiency.

    The stupid arrogant twat part is true, obviously.


    1. Tim,
      If you were not so ignorant of how the dairy farming business works you would understand that my precis of your comments is bang on.

      Now I don’t know much about extracting minnerals from the earth and sellling them but I would imagine it is a lot more compliated than just digging a hole in the right place, putting the stuff you dig up on a truck and carting it off to masrket.

      Likewise dairy farming (my brother was a dairy farmer after marrying into a farming family but he was squeezed out in the 1990s by over regulation and the throttling of free trade by the supermarkets.

      It is true that milk yields have increased in the most highly mechanised operation but this involves inhamane treatment of cows which shortens their productive life. Swings and roundabouts. The supermarket corporations are in a posititson to dictate the price of milk and the production methods and so thy have shifted the cost of gaining increased yields to the farmer without allowing those farmers to pass on their increased costs to customers. We the end consumer pay a higher price but as I showed the farmers do not see any of that. Instead it goes to retail corporations who promptly shift it offshore.

      Yield has not increased quickly enough to keep pace with rising demand. This has been met by the import of heavily subsidised milk from Europe. So if subsidies play a role in this free market of yours, it is not really a free market is it?

      What you will never be able to understand Tim is that globalisation is not the solution it’s the problem. While businesses are run on lines you approve of there is no hope for western civilisation.


    2. Don’t ever try to win an argument with someone who actually knows what he’s talking about, Tim.

      So that would disqualify you – in your ivory tower of innane disconnected babble – from seriously commenting on Jack sh*t.


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