Manifesto For A Global Democracy

Found this on Annarky’s blog today:

Manifesto for a global democracy

Here’s an extract:

Politics lags behind the facts. We live in an era of deep technological and economic change that has not been matched by a similar development of public institutions responsible for its regulation. The economy has been globalized but political institutions and democracy have not kept pace. In spite of their many peculiarities, differences and limitations, the protests that are growing all over the world show an increasing discontent with the decision-making system, the existing forms of political representation and their lack of capacity for defending common goods. They express a demand for more and better democracy.

Global welfare and security are under threat. The national and international order that emerged from the end of World War II and the fall of the Berlin Wall has not been able to manage the great advances in technology and productive systems for the benefit of all humanity …

Now my feeling is that something like this would be too easily usurped by the dark forces pushing the idea of global totalitarian government based on George Orwell’s Oligarchic Collectivist system. Democracy would be as meaningful worldwide as it has become in the EU where a democratic vote that goes against what the bureaucrats in Brussels want is simply ignored and the voters are told, “You gave the wrong answer, you must vote again.”

Any idea that prompts people to abandon their interia, give up on the Dr, Panglos philosophy that “All Is For The Best In This The Best Of All Possible Worlds” and start thinking about what kind of furure we are handing to our children and grandchildren is worth looking at.

Ah buut then, while I know true Anarchy is a political philosophy that could not work in the real world (like Marxism, socialism, fascism, conservatism and corporatism) I am a classical liberal which is about as close to anarchy as a political system involving gover nment can get.

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